Jul 222013


Chooch and I bought Henry a rainbow-sprinkled donut on our walk this morning because our new thing is forcing him to eat it while we take pictures. (Perhaps swap out “our” and “we” with “my” and “I.”)

That sonofabitch didn’t even thank us.

In other news, I think all of the walking and exercising is finally wearing me down. I don’t feel very well. :( (But I’m down another pant size! So at least I can wear smaller jeans while feeling like shit. #smart)

P.S. I have a crush on Henry. Again. Ugh! It’s disgusting, I know.

  One Response to “Beards ‘n’ Rainbow Sprinkles”

  1. I just wrote “Erin ♥s Henry” in my notebook so I can look back on it when you don’t like him again. :)

    I’m really impressed that he lets you take as many pictures of him as you do. Seriously, I think I have four pictures of Correy in my phone out of the 1200+ that are in there.

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