Aug 022013


#6: Hand/Eye Coordination


#7: Me and my girl Mary.


#8: Mutual Admiration.


#9: Losing Steam


#10: 34! Woo!


#11: Peppermint Grill.


#12: Wet Hair, Don’t Care.

I’m not even halfway done with this, how can that even be possible?! Things are bound to get weird as I run out of ideas.


In other news, hope everyone has a great weekend! Tomorrow night, Wendy and I are going to see A Blood Red Sky but we don’t know where it’s at or what time, only that she bought the tickets last March and told me not to make plans on August 3rd. I still am not very clear on what this even is? (As I was typing this, she called me and it appears that this is being held at a legit location and not some dirty guy’s basement. Damn.)

And then I’m having a birthday dinner Sunday night at some Shakespeare joint which I thought was going to be a tacky establishment (because my goal is “tacky”) but some people at work have said, “No it’s actually pretty nice there.”

Bubble status: burst.

Oh well. At least I can satisfy Sunday’s self-portrait when I cozy up to a suit of armor before dinner.



  3 Responses to “A Beautiful Mess 30 Day Portrait Challenge: Week 2”

  1. Have a good weekend! I’m enjoying this photo-a-day thing.

  2. LOVE the peppermint grill!

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