Dec 212008

The holiday spirit hit me late last night. It was probably one of the several glasses of Merlot talking, but let’s not argue about it. It’s  not often that I get all inclined to do something good, something for nothing, but I really want to give away one of my monster mini’s as a holiday thing. A gift, I guess you would call it; or an apology even, for coming here and reading this shit.

The details:

  • The contest is open until a week from today, 12:00pm EST December 28, 2008.
  • Comment on this entry, and this entry only. If you read this from a LiveJournal feed and comment on that, it won’t count.
  • Make sure you use a valid email address so you can be contacted if winner.
  • Winner will be chosen at random, using
  • I like having contests. They make me feel presidential.
  • The painting will also be chosen at random, but it will be one of the 5x7s, not 4x6s.
  • You can only enter once, else your soul will be mine to play drunken frisbee with.


Entire collection of miniatures can be found here.

Hurry, before I change my mind!

  68 Responses to “A Big Festive Giveaway (triggered by alcohol.)”

  1. What the heck. I can always use some more Erin art and this would tide me over until I have the $ to buy more!

    Michelle´s last blog post..FREE Subscription to Wondertime

  2. oohh, you are always so full of holiday cheer! hope you have a warm and wonderful christmas! xo

  3. Thank God I made the entry deadline.

    I have a proposition though. Perhaps we can handle this painting giveaway like Obama’s senate seat. Ahem, Blagojevich?

    Nicholas´s last blog post..Sugar Rush

  4. I’m guessing I missed the deadline but really, I missed the boat by not bookmarking this page LAST time I was here damnit! Anyways um if you pick me I promise that my son will probably steal the painting to hang over his racecar bed. Kid is a total art snob, what can I say? ;) Best holiday wishes to you and yours <3

  5. They are a riot, very cute, love the smile greeny blue dude – would be fun on t-shirts or bags.

    elan´s last blog post..On Holidays!

  6. OMG these are adorable!!! I’d like to be with you drinkin that Merlot :P

  7. Yay I love monster give aways! I’m sooo in :)

    TheTinyTragedies´s last blog post..The Tiny Tragedies Gun Shot Ring

  8. I really DESERVE a monster. I think the Commonwealth of Massachusetts would agree and this ankle bracelet is proof that other than Gertie the garrote giver there is no better company for me during this house arrest than a monster.

    Seriously. I mean it. Gimme the monster.

  9. :o
    too adorable
    sign me up~!

  10. Mini monsters go rawr-rawr-rawr.

    StaticWhite´s last blog post..Mini Bunny Foo

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