Sep 082013

In the early 80s, the Cure found itself with just two members: Robert Smith and Lol Tolhurst. (Lol is the subject of an inside joke I’ve shared with my friend Alyson for years, so I immediately get giggly even typing his name.) Lol moved to keyboards for the series of singles that would become the Japanese Whispers EP, veering the Cure toward a more synthpop/new wave sound which has always appealed to me because I LOVE SYNTHPOP. A Different Drum 4 lyfe!

Because my other Cure posts have been so fucking depressing, I wanted to definitely feature my favorite song from this particular Cure era to kind of lighten the mood. (Even though it’s Sunday and I’m historically miserable and depressed on Sundays.) “Let’s Go To Bed” was intended to be a tongue-in-cheek response to how hyper-sexual pop music was at the time (and three decades later, the joke is even more relevant). I only wish that I could find the original video, because it’s fantastic and Robert is so young and adorable and OMG. But, short of me dusting off my VHS copy in the attic and making Henry find a way to get it on the computer, this generic YouTube video will have to do. HAPPY FUCKING SUNDAY.

(There was no Cure post yesterday because god forbid some jerk 7-year-old should give his mom 5 minutes on the computer.)

  2 Responses to “I’m Shaking Like Milk: Cure Week!”

  1. Why, oh why did I choose that particular moment to be drinking my putrid green protein shake? I totally got some on myself laughing at Laurence!! OH GOD!

    That part in the video where they keep reshooting the scene where Robert sings “…as perfect as CATS!” OH GOD. Love, love, so much love.

    I forget now, where did Simon go for those years?

    • I love how this band has connected us!

      I couldn’t remember why Simon left either, so I wiki’d it:

      “During the Pornography Tour in 1982, a series of incidents prompted Gallup to leave The Cure, including an incident when he got into a fist fight with Robert Smith at a nightclub reportedly over a bar-tab. Gallup left the band and started The Cry with Gary Biddles and Matthieu Hartley. Their first gig was at the Covent Garden Rock Garden on 19 April 1983. They later changed their name to Fools Dance, which released two EPs – Fools Dance and They’ll Never Know. Biddles sang most of the songs that were released by this band, Gallup sang on one called “The Ring”. When asked why he left The Cure, he said, “It’s just basically that Robert and I are both really arrogant bastards, and it got to such an extreme. I suppose you just can’t have two egocentrics in a band, and Robert was sort of ‘the main man.'”[3]

      In 1984, Smith asked Gallup to return to The Cure, an offer which he accepted. Since then, the two of them have remained on good terms. Gallup also served as best man at Smith’s wedding in 1988.”

      I had forgotten about Fool’s Dance!

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