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Or: Where We Learn that Ryan went to France and REALLY LIKES John Waters

Oh Game Night, how I’ve missed you. It had been nearly a year since the last one and that was just no good. Henry spent all day on Saturday cleaning and preparing delicious party dips and Janna came early to slop together some cheesy fondue. Ryan said it was too salty and that when he was in France and had fondue, they didn’t use vegetables as dunking apparatus, but rather bread (which Janna brought but had not yet found time to cut, furthering her voyage toward a psyche break). He also questioned my mothering skills and nearly assaulted me because I had a Blondie song on my play list when evidently Blondie, like John Waters, is So Obscure that he just couldn’t fathom why someone so dull and ordinary like me would know who that is. Let alone enjoy it. And he said I was really terrible at Scattergories.

He’s lucky I was showing a little restraint in front of Collin–an Erin newbie–else we’d have been dining on Ryan roast for the next few nights.

At least he didn’t fuck up the Catchphrase groove this time around.

Janna’s fondue was made with gruyere, which Janna practiced pronouncing in the car on the way to my house, and swiss cheese and liberal amounts of wine and something else in a bottle.

I’ll eat anything made from cheese and Janna was kind of like a hero to me for making it.

This particular Game Night was notable because every single person who RSVPd in the affirmative actually showed up, and those who put a “plus one” brought their plus ones. This is deemed a miracle in the party planning world. Someone slaughter me a pig, we’s gonna celebrate.

Game Night was slated to begin at 7, because I’m an idiot and didn’t consider the fact that Chooch would still be up, therefore rendering any game-playing impossible. So I pretended like I intended it that way and made a big production of telling everyone it was the Pre-Game Social. I’m apparently fixated on socials lately. Janna watched her fondue pot like a scorned woman trying to catch her husband fucking the nanny. “No one’s eating my fondue,” she’d whimper occasionally. I assured her it only seemed that way because she made enough for a fucking wedding reception. Stupid bitch.

Bill and Collin from work both came, and Bill brought his wife Natasha. I haven’t hung out with anyone I work with prior to this, so I was worried that they would think I was weird, but Henry pointed out that they probably already knew as much. I mean, they read this after all. Just so everyone knows, I obliterated Collin at both Catchphrase and Scattergories because he’s a sissy little bitch full of talk. I didn’t get to talk to Natasha much, which saddened me because Bill has told me a lot about her and I can tell she’s really cool. Hopefully, she wasn’t too put-off by my obnoxiousness and will come around again.

I got drunk.

My LJ pal Rhonda came with her roller derby friend Mel and it took me about forty-five minutes to be able to speak to her without stifling giggles because I was faux-stalking her and writing about it in my LJ and here and she read it. Let this be a cautionary tale for all of you aspiring stalkers out there: Sometimes stalking bites back. I still think she’s totally awesome and she brought this haunted house board game that I desperately wanted to play but we had too many people and those other losers didn’t seem very enthusiastic about it so she stuffed it back under her seat.

I inwardly pouted about that for awhile. I hope she did too. And I hope she liked me.

I finally got to meet Kara’s boyfriend Chris who is completely fantastic and a real delight to play Catchphrase with. Kara brought a tub of pre-made cheesecake filling with a box of Teddy Grams for dipping, and everyone marveled over that for awhile. Janna was jealous that the store-bought cheesecake fluff was trumping her expensively homemade fondue. She forgot about it later when, for no reason, I punched her arm hard enough to make Ike Turner blush.

Brenna brought her friend Liz, whom I had heard (and read) a lot about. (I wish she would have brought her sex tape!) She was really cool and welcome into my house anyday, even if she is the cousin of some girl I used to play tennis with in high school who went on to cause me some dramafied problems.

Janna and I were on opposing teams, for which I was glad. I wrote that down in my diary so I’ll remember to give thanks for that next Thanksgiving. During one of her turns, she only had a chance to blurt out, “She’s a singer. Screechy in the 90s!” before the buzzer ran off and my team had a chance to steal. I screamed, “Mariah Carey!” and because my body is molded from Awesome Molecules, we won the point. Oh, and the game. Like, three times in a row. It was nearly as historical as last year, when all Henry said was, “Singer” and I hysterically yelled, “Carly Simon!”

And it was Carly Simon. Awesome who? What?

Ryan got “Pink Flamingos” as his Catchphrase word (oh, yay) and was so shocked when some actually guessed it. Um, my GRANDMA knows that movie. He ran around being obnoxious about that for awhile, so I went outside and had a cigarette.

I was so happy, reveling in all the winning, when I overheard Kara say she’s moving to DC next month. I was so horrified that I had to make her repeat it. “No, you dumb bitch!” I cried. I felt so betrayed. Everyone else was congratulating her and didn’t seem to really care, because it’s only Kara after all, and maybe it was all the Woodchuck raping my emotions, but I really felt like I could have died right then. She swore that she’ll be back often to visit, but that’s what they all say.

We’ll always have Phipps, Kara. And the Eat n Park waitress who looked like Gerard Way.

You’re still a dumb bitch, though.

Bill made a delicious cake which was borne from a barrel of bourbon. And it was slathered liberally with a creamy frosting also drenched in bourbon. I fed some to my child, because I’m an irresponsible asshole of a mother. I hope Bill doesn’t know that I only invited him for his baked goods.

My little bro Corey arrived late and had to eat his slice of cake with a spatula because there were no forks left and I wasn’t in dish-washing mode.

The bulk of the crowd left around 11, leaving Henry, Janna, Ryan, Corey, Collin and I with the prime opportunity to play Scattergories. It should be made known publicly somewhere that I’m a Scattergories Supremacist. You know how when someone gets a DUI, a public blurb goes in the paper? Something like that so that everyone in my community (and soon the world) will know how impossible I am to defeat. Sure, people try to thumbs-down some of my answers, like Hyacinth Hallway as a road, but that’s because they’re sheltered and don’t know that I walked, nay — frolicked, down that very same road in Holland. After picking a bushel of tulips near a windmill. And smoking a fattie.

I won that game too, thanks to knowing that torpedo-touching is a hobby.

Then I had to go to work yesterday and I was kind of afraid that Bill and Collin would be all, “Ew, get away from us with your game cooties, you fucking freak” especially after I kicked Collin and hurled a box at him, but thankfully he doesn’t remember that part. (At least I didn’t hide his Hot Pockets.) They seemed to still like me. Or tolerate me, at least.

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  1. Sounds like it was a lot of fun. =) I love games, but I hate people, so I never have anyone to play them with. =( I swear I only want kids so that I have people I can force to play with me. We’re planning on having enough for a good game of D&D.

  2. Sex tape? I must’ve missed that part! Then again, I’m usually out of the loop on these things. *shrugs*

    It was great seeing everyone and my friend and I had a blast. Yayyyy!! =D

  3. :) Perfect.

    Oh man, that waitress! I had forgotten about her. We went to Tom’s once too! And we will go to the library.

    I PROMISE ill come back and visit, especially when there is a game night going on!

    I totally touch my torpedo all of the time, and I would have given that one a huge thumbs up!!

    • I’ll make sure I plan everything well enough in advance so you can get here, that’s for sure, because you’ve spoiled me with your perfect attendance!

      I remember the first time we met and I wanted to ask you to come to my baby shower but I was scared, lol.

  4. i want to be on your catchphrase team next time, please.

    thanks for the fun. double thanks for the positive write-up you gave me in the above text.

    i just saw the picture i’m in and couldn’t help but think “sweet jesus my hair is long”


    • I was so happy to finally meet you! I hope you come back again. :)

    • it was also nice to finally meet the erin i hear about so often. yeah, i’ll come back.

      for the record, my family is in pittsburgh, i just moved out of beechview a year ago, i hate maryland, and i have a giant “412” tattoo. kara and i will be back quite a bit.


  5. had to break for this:

    “Someone slaughter me a pig, we’s gonna celebrate.”


  6. haunted house board game… I WANT TO PLAY!!!!!!

    i wish i had been at game night :(
    it would have been even MORE FUN.

    however- i wonder how many times you would have called me an idiot or moron or some form therin… had i been there to play.

  7. That sounds like such a great night! No one around here ever does Game Nights. Pout. I’m drooling at all the food descriptions, yummmm…

  8. “It was nearly as historical as last year, when all Henry said was, “Singer” and I hysterically yelled, “Carly Simon!””

    *still laughing at this*

    Kara will now be living closer to me, so this means we’ll all have to road trip to do cartwheels in the Baltimore Ravens’ football field, or something.

  9. I *just* now saw this entry. I am so fucking slow.

    I never said I tried fondue when I was in France, I said I ate it in French class. Though I did go to France. ;)

    Yes, it is true, I do LOVE Blondie and John Waters, but I don’t consider them obscure. I wouldn’t have “assaulted” you for having Heart of Glass on your computer, because I love that song (even though it is slightly overrated). :D

    I never questioned your mothering skills (in fact, I think you are an awesome mom!) and I didn’t say you were terrible at Scattergories. Weren’t there a couple of times I gave you a thumbs up when no one else did? Uh huh.

    You totally exaggerated everything. Get your facts straight, bitch!


    • My facts ARE straight. In fact, there was a lot I left out. You’re a rude boy. You will not be invited back.

    • If anything she underestimated everything.

      She left out the part where you turned down a ride from people who were going your way because you didnt want to leave that early, meanwhile that meant that someone had to go out of their way to take you home.


    • i just want to back my bff up on this one b/c i believe that erin is most likely NOT exaggerating at all. she couldn’t be. at least, in this case.

      if chooch’s first birthday is any indication of your party/social couth… i’ve witnessed 1st hand your overwhelming ability to ruin the fun.

      you’re too loud, too condescending, and damn it… just plain annoying. i love all of the backhanded compliments you laced your comment with. here- i’ll give you one:

      i’m kind of surprised you can’t get laid…
      i mean after all, you ARE a fag.

    • She’s not exaggerating. I was there the entire time and I witnessed it all. It’s not just this night that you said/did mean, rude, ridiculous things thinking you were joking and/or being edgy or something. You don’t question your friend’s mothering skills. Holy shit! Remember the time she had to practically wrestle HER video camera from you that first game night last year? Who acts like that?

      You ought to be more courteous to the people who invite you to their homes and make the effort to get you there and back. Clearly your idea of being funny isn’t working- it’s insulting and outrageous.

    • The first game night of this year was also the one where on I got picked on for bringing store bought stuff, which was cute considering I had store bought stuff because I came over right after the funeral of a close family friend.

      Tact, learn you some!

    • Although I do think some of the comments here were uncalled for AND exaggerated (and I’m not just saying that to be defensive), I want to apologize if I offended anyone either by my comment (which was written tongue-in-cheek) or by my words/actions at past get-togethers at Erin’s. If I did, I didn’t realize it. In fact, this comes as a complete shock to me, because until now nobody told me that I was being offensive and rude.

    • I’m sorry. I would have responded to this sooner- but I have a job and a life.

      The reason that the Cult of Total Awesomeness is “attacking” you, is because you aren’t the limp, helpless puppy dog you’re trying to portray. In fact YOU’RE the one who started pulling out all of the viciousness. It’s not cool to question someone’s mothering skills or, I don’t know… start cussing at them. And- in what country is “get the fuck over yourself” an expression of gratitude? Please tell me- I’d like to plan a trip.

      In your own words: “I wonder: Would any of you have said anything if I hadn’t commented on this entry? Probably not.”
      You’re right. We wouldn’t have. Because- well, no one really cared.

      Everyone was happy to finally be washing our hands clean of you. I say finally because despite the fact that no one really liked you, Erin was the one who kept wanting to give you a chance. She gave you the benefit of the doubt thinking that maybe it was just your age or lack of social prowess, and that maybe your abrasiveness would wear down. It never did. You never changed your attitude or behavior. You continued to act as if the entire world revolved around you and as if your opinion was the only one that counts. Surprise! It doesn’t- and it’s not.

      It wasn’t until you started turning this into drama that everyone decided to defend their friend. I know, I know… it’s a really strange term for you. Go ahead- sound it out.
      FA-RIEND. Maybe one day you’ll even have one!!!!

      Of all these people commenting on your LJ, I wonder how many of them have ever spent time in real life with you? I dare them to try to hang out with you for 3 hours without wanting to duct tape your mouth shut. I guess there could be people out there who like to have everything they say belittled. Maybe you can find them at the battered woman’s shelter?

      The things you went on about in Erin’s comments are ridiculous. You sound like a bad tabloid, and I half expect you to claim that Elvis is alive and living in Erin’s basement. Claiming she was “drunk-off her ass”… funny… in 5 years of friendship… I have never seen her that way. Maybe, a couple bottles of hard cider has a greater effect on her than you. It’s just a body mass thing. It’s ok, though Ryan! I’m fat, too.

      The only difference is that I’m cool and have plenty of friends. Oh yeah- and people want to have sex with me.

      I can certainly understand you making such a huge deal about this entire thing. Nothing this exciting has happened in your life since the re-release of Pink Flamingos.


    NOTHING WAS EXAGGERATED. You clearly have a very skewed opinion of yourself. Let me tell you this: after the FIRST time my friends met you, I was begged to not invite you back, but because I have this annoying habit of wanting to believe that people are more gracious than they appear, I kept giving you second, third, fourth chances.

    The dude I work with read this and even HE, having just met you, felt I went easy on you and underplayed your obnoxiousness.

    I really had hoped that maybe you just needed to warm up. But I think what it is is that you are just very young and socially awkward and not a good fit for my group of friends.

    • Get the fuck over yourself. I was very grateful and I had a great time, and I thought all of you did too. If I’m soooo obnoxious and rude, why didn’t you tell me to my face at the time instead of waiting till I said something you thought was rude on the Internet? But no, you were too busy ruining your own fun and parties by being fake, so clearly you have your own social issues to work on. Passive-aggressive behavior like this looks good on no-one. Next time you deem someone unworthy of your superior social circle, grow a spine and tell them in person rather than trying to be big on the Internet.

      P.S. The only reason I turned down the ride home from the couple who left early was because Erin had agreed to drive me home after the party. How was I to know that she would be drunk off her ass — the only one, in fact — by the party’s end?

      Bueno Mexicana: I see what you mean. Erin never exaggerates anything she writes about. All of her entries are completely serious, and I must have been really fucking obnoxious for you to add me back on Myspace and LiveJournal, Janna and Kara included.

      I don’t remember “wrestling” with Erin over her video camera, but if that’s what you saw in your mind, Janna, I guess I can’t argue with that.

      And as far as my “insulting” Kara because she brought store bought food at the previous Game Night, I didn’t know she had just come from a funeral. She might have said something about it, but I wasn’t paying attention so I missed it. My comment, which I don’t remember at all, was clearly in jest because I didn’t bring any food that time. Why would I seriously make fun of someone for bringing store bought food when I didn’t have anything myself?

      For those of you who think I’m not courteous and polite, what the fuck are you smoking? I always say my please and thank yous, and I’ve never been anything but nice to every one of you. I have always been grateful to Erin and Henry for transporting me to and from their house (and I even took the bus there last time so they wouldn’t have to make more trips), and I’ve always had an excellent time at the parties. If you all think you are so great that I’m not good enough to be your friend, that’s your problem. When I started hanging out with Erin I never thought it would be like a cult surrounding her instead of friends.

      I know this comment is long so I’ll cut it short here. You’re grasping at straws to make me look bad, and it’s bordering on libel, really. I wonder: Would any of you have said anything if I hadn’t commented on this entry? Probably not.

    • LOL I was going to delete this so people would stop attacking you, but it’s too good. Too too good. The part about Kara and the funeral? This goes back to what I said in my email about how you’re too fucking egocentric to listen to anything: I told you when I picked you up that night that she was going to be late because she was coming from a funeral — she had just called me while I was waiting for you (because you were late and left me standing in the rain) and I told you this!

      I’m so glad this is over!!! Yippee!!

    • Oh, you got on Kara’s case for being late, not for bringing store bought food. And my friends bit their tongues on every occasion because they knew that I was trying hard to be your friend and they were being respectful to me.

      No, these things wouldn’t have been said so cruelly had you not have been such a douche. We probably all would have just went on our merry ways and your feelings would have been spared.

      LOL @ cult.

    • Okay– I remember now, you did tell me that. I forgot about it when Kara came, so fucking what. I’m human, and it IS possible for humans to forget. And I’m not just saying this out of my ass. I’m a very forgetful person, and I’ll be the first to admit that.

      And if I was late, it was only for a few minutes. If you were dumb enough to stand out in the rain waiting for me when you had a perfectly dry car to sit in, that’s your own damn fault.

    • Oh Ryan, your anger makes me LOL.

  11. I love how you pretended to be my friend, because you all are just SO NICE. That was very sweet of you. You think you did me such a huge favor by “putting up with me” and “biting your tongue”. If you didn’t like me from the start, you should have just told me to my face, no bullshitting. What you did is more offensive than anything I supposedly did or said.

    Ahh, “friendship”. :)

    • I sincerely had hoped we could be friends. I was being real and trying to understand where you were coming from but now I AM telling y ou how I feel because I realize now that it’s not that I need time to form a friendship with you, but a miracle. There were plenty of times when I among others called you on your rudeness but you never fucking listened to anything we had to say. So I can’t help but laugh that you think this is unexpected.

      I wasn’t trying to do you any favors, trust me.

    • Were a gang, not a cult. If youre going to talk shit at least get it right.

    • Where exactly did she say that we were pretending to be your friend? I don’t see it anywhere in these comments. You are skewing things to make you look like the pathetic victim you think you are. We are BAD BAD people. Ryan, none of this had to be said like this, but basically, you started it.

      You’ve been weeping that Erin’s a liar and you’ve been SO betrayed. What really happened, as Erin has already said MULTIPLE times, is she and others tried to be your friend. What would have been the benefit of pretending to be your friend for a year and half? No one would get anything out of that. The point of inviting you again and again to events was, as she said, to give you yet another chance to hang out and be cool. It never worked. Nothing was out of pity like you’re trying to make yourself and your little lj friends (who don’t even know you in real life) believe.

      You need to stop your whining and crying and pay attention to what people are saying for once. This is going to happen again if you don’t learn from this. You need to grow up. You don’t even act like any 19 year old I’ve ever met. Any normal person would’ve apologized and that would’ve been it. You tried to start a war.

    • To clarify, by “cool” you mean “laid back; chill” and not “oh look at how cool we are” right? I mean, we DO say things like “bff” in jest! That right there slaughters our cool points.

    • Oh yeah, of course. I know we aren’t cool like that.
      Robert Smith is the cult mascot after all.

    • Dammit, too bad we didn’t choose someone neater. Like Divine.

      You know what’s awesome though? I can say things like, “Hey wanna hang out?” to the people who have been commenting here, and then this really novel thing happens where we…actually hang out. In real life. And not in a chatroom.

      Having real life friends rules.

  12. Why do people willingly open the can and then puke and cry when they see the inevitable worms? Ah, denial.

  13. Ryan, when you write about me on your gay LJ, make sure you include the time you emailed me about going to the Oaks with you, “because the bus doesn’t run that way that late.” Wow, I was so touched by that invitation. User. Oh, and being in the car with Christina when you took all of her opinions on Grindhouse and basically threw them back in her face, because she was “wrong,” much like you did to me when we watched “Tenebre.” Didn’t you wonder why I never took you up on any more offers to watch movies? You’re an elitist prick when it comes to movies and you’re awfully disrespectful. I loved feeling like shit, really I did.

  14. Oh christ. well, u know this already but he’s the reason i didn’t come to the last game night. after the one last year where he:

    1. made fun of the music you had on
    2. wouldn’t give you your video camera
    3. was rude about the guacamole janna brought
    4. was just basically over all annoying

    i just couldn’t bring myself to be in the same room as him again. i like how he acts like this is a random attack on him or soemthing. he really doesn’t get it does he?

    you are a good person for trying to give him so many chances, but he clearly didn’t deserve it. don’t let this guy get to you.

    • Thanks Matt. I’m not down. I’m disappointed that he ended up being such a freakin’ caricature, but I guess you can’t really expect to develop a friendship with everyone you meet, no matter how hard you try to force it.

      I’m letting him have at it — he can slander me till his balls turn blue and that’s fine. I’m certainly not losing any sleep over it. He wanted honesty and he got it. I just feel kind of bad that couldn’t keep his temper!

  15. Wow. I can’t believe it escalated this far. This is what I meant that night — kids just really are incapable of hanging out with adults. Like I said before, I’m sorry we left early that night, but we just couldn’t take anymore of that kid. I’m sure he means well, but he’s just very over the top.

    Looking forward 2 the February game night!

    • For real. It says a lot when every one agreeing here with me are people who have met the boy in real life, and not just faceless strangers who read his Internet journal.

      Oh well. Someday I’ll learn to stop meeting people online, lol. At least it offered some entertainment these past few days, and my stats have absolutely spiked from whatever slanderous things he’s making up on his journal. Cha-ching!

    • man! i’m sure glad to know that this is how “adults” hang out on the internet!

    • Yeah, good one. Key word “Internet.”


  16. Seriously, who wants to hang out with a fat know-it-all faggot anyway? That fuck should just kill himself.

  17. Thank you, Ryan and his friends:

    You guys managed to give me my best day ever as far as stats go. I just made $$$$$ off you idiots!!

    Best publicity ever.

  18. Ew, look at how boring all those fuckers look. I bet that night was utterly lame anyway. Who wants to hang out with adults who drink alcohol? And the girl who writes this blog is a really bad writer. I mean, really — who is she fooling? She’s terrible and really unfunny.

    Haha, just wanted that big queer to think he had an ally.

    Seriously, what a doucheguzzler. I remember him from the first game night. He was too retarded to follow directions. I’m glad you wont be subjecting us to him anymore. And thanks for showing me this and his LJ too — completely lollerskates.

    • Stacey,

      Don’t you think it’s funny that those people he’s got coming here to read this post and commenting on how loser-y everyone looks probably have no idea that one of those pictures are actually of their friend- and they just don’t know it because they don’t really know him?

    • I like how the only person really “defending” him is old enough to be his mother and lives in Texas. No wonder — she’s never met him IRL. She has no idea what an ignorant little (large) prat he is.

      Everyone who has commented here has had the displeasure of actually meeting him.

      He’s a rude and smug brat who refuses to apologize for the shitty things he’s said and who is unable to recognize any fault in himself. Gee, no wonder he has no friends.

  19. Little does Ryan know that myself and a friend have been reading his Livejournal for years. NOT because we enjoy him, but because his life is so amusing to us. In our years of research, we have drawn this conclusion:

    Ryan is delusional in every sense of the word.

    That is why he doesn’t get where you all are coming from. He sees nothing wrong with himself. That is ALSO why he is an obese, elitist prick, and then WONDERS why he is single.

    In short: he is a joke. And all this drama has been so damn delicious.

    I feel so sorry for you guys for having to put up with him. Erin, for giving him that many chances, you should be given some sort of humanitarian award.

    • Thank you, whoever you are! None of his friends are even really defending him. Calling me a dumb cunt? Ouch, I bleed. I wish those people actually knew him. I bet most of them are LOLing behind his back, anyway.

      My only fault in all of this was trying to be nice, I guess.

      And hey! I like Metric, too. :)

  20. Oh wow, the comments on his journal are really getting vicious. *eye roll*

    I honestly think that kid has Asperger’s. Why else would a teenager start an e-fight with a mother who works full-time and is in school (a real one, not AI) and sells art. But no, Erin, you don’t have a full life at all.

    It’s funny to me, because while I’m sure he thinks he’s getting the last word, you’re the one who, in the end, continues to have a social life and a job and a family, while he’s still sitting by himself, beating off to horror movies.

    Yeah, good one.

  21. If he was my son, I’d shoot myself.

    • Eh, I’m over it. Arguing with a kid doesn’t get anyone anywhere. He can keep on keeping on, but I just don’t give a shit.

      I still kind of feel bad for him though, no matter how much of a douche he’s been.

  22. None of his friends are defending him because anyone who is unable to see him for what he is, is most likely as vapid and delusional as he.

    Fun Fact: he admitted to trying sploshing by way of licking yogurt of his own moobs. Do you love it?

    Metric is GREAT. They released a CD last year independently, totally flew under my radar. It’s called “Grow up and blow away”. Get it, if you haven’t already because it’s their best (I think)

  23. I went to high school with Ryan so I know first hand what you are talking about. Anyone who meets him wishes immedietly that they had not. This is prolly the most attention he has ever gotten.

    I feel sorry that u tried to hang out with him so many times! u should just ignore him like every one else does. his dad does not even like him.

    • I’ve gotten a few emails from people on his lj friends list telling me that they feel the same way, which is funny and sad all at once.

      This whole thing provided laughs for my friends and I, especially since he still hasn’t let it go yet. But I still think this was the lamest drama I’ve ever been part of.

  24. 2 questions:

    1. how did you meet him
    2. why did you give him so many chances?

    (my real name is not kitty btw. i just don’t want him to see this and like, blow up my house next time he comes home. ps your kid is freakin cute as shit)

    • I don’t remember how he found me on LJ. We were only e-friends for like, a year? Something like that I think.

      The first time I hung out with him, I thought he was nice. But I think that was just because he was nervous? He was clearly holding back. The second time he came over, he got on my nerves really bad. My friend Janna tried to make excuses for him and told me I should give him another chance to warm up.

      Really, I only saw him like, three more times after that. NONE of my friends liked him. NONE. And he was always so rude to me. I’m sure he thought he was being ha-ha-funny, but it was just rude. Rude rude rude.

      I’m sure he’s loving this. I bet it’s the most attention he’s ever received!

      Did you read my rap?

  25. lulz i DID read your rap! It was hysterical! I showed it to some of my friends who also hate him.

    How do I add your feed thru lj? Do you have one?

  26. Well, I want to start my comment by throwing a molotov cocktail at Janna. It’s in my nature, and she’ll understand.

    Janna, why would you bring some food item you couldn’t pronounce? I know your underachieving ass is trying, but seriously now. WTF, mate? Oh, and you’re gay. And retarded. <3

    Ahem. Ryan. Now, I'll grant that I have never met you. And, from the looks of how things have gone for you here, I would say that's a good thing, for you that is. Now, how a fat, retarded, insecure douche bag such as yourself actually weaseled an invitation to a social event such as game night, I will never know. I do know that it is a crying god damn shame that your parents didn't drown you in the bathtub. I believe I am speaking for everyone when I say that it is unfortunate that your parents didn't just prefer, or at least stick to, oral sex. Enjoy burning in hell. I'm sure it will be fun.

  27. Well, that’s good news. I almost complimented you, but I thought better of it. More insults to come.


  28. hi
    good luck

Say it don't spray it.

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