Oct 132013


Henry and Chooch are at a birthday party (one of Chooch’s many girlfriends, I guess), and I just couldn’t sit around the house any longer.


So I walked aimlessly around Brookline for almost two hours.


I know I bitch about this town a lot, but there is something really quaint about it if you can look past the Yinzer accents and drug busts.


There was something going on at this church and really loud, scary singing blasted out of the open windows, probably in hopes of brainwashing heathen passers-by. Sorry, Church. Considering I came home and licked Satan’s face, I’d say you failed.


I called Henry several times on my walk and hung up on him because he was asking stupid questions that I wasn’t in the mood to answer.


This chair is for sale for $14 and I want it!!


If you’re ever trying to stalk me, you can often find me walking on this street.


This dude had the Steelers game on super loud. I couldn’t see where it was coming from but I want to believe it was a transistor radio.

The guy who lives in this house is old, Polish, and has like three unmarked white vans and stares me down every morning.

If I ever go missing, maybe look there first.

  2 Responses to “Brookline Scenery”

  1. You need that chair. It makes me think of you.

    One day I want to live in a house with lion statues and gargoyles. It just needs to happen.

  2. Is that lion the size of that house? Or am I just looking at that photo wrong? Also, WHO NEEDS 3 UNMARKED VANS??!!

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