Jan 262014

The snow started early yesterday morning. I sat around, playing music and impatiently watching Henry make the non compos cards we just sold, when I noticed that he was using an unfamiliar paper cutter.

“Is that a new paper cutter?” I asked.

“Kind of. I’ve had it since last June. I bought it at JoAnn’s. It was on sale: 40% off of $90. Plus I had a 20% off coupon!” Henry joyfully exclaimed.

TMI, Henry. TMI.

He finished making the cards and I walked them to the Brookline post office. I haven’t been out of the since then because this fucking SNOW SUCKS and has taken upon itself to cancel all of my plans and I am so goddamn bored. Sitting around doing nothing goes against everything I stand for.

After Willie’s death sent me spiraling into this stupid funk, I made the executive decision that it was time to start art therapy again. And boy, this would have been a great weekend to paint, but I don’t have any stupid canvas! SNOW, YOU ARE KILLING ME.

We were going to go roller skating today, the one thing I had to look forward to, but it’s snowing again and cars are sliding all over the road in front of my house and Henry keeps showing me goddamn weather maps on his phone and I’m about to flip my shit.


“All I wanted to do was go rollerskating this weekend and instead I’m stuck in the house where THREE OF MY CATS DIED!!!!!” I wailed.

“Oh that’s nice,” Henry said brusquely. “Because the way I see it, I’m stuck in the house with my best friend* and son.” Oh, OK martyr.

*(I confirmed that he actually was referring to me, surprisingly, and not his paper cutter.)

I feel like the top of my head is going to pop off.

Henry just told me he loves me. Ok, great, BUT IT IS STILL SNOWING.

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  1. Okay, I have to ask. Is his new cutter a Cutterpillar? Because if so, that’s what I have and it’s the shit. If not, he should seriously look into one.

    K, craft talk over. Sorry about the snow! I hate snow with every element of myself.

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