May 222014


Throwback to that time in 1983 when my lover Henry spooned me while we googled Jonny Craig together on our bitchin’ detachable keyboard machine from the future.

Now I want to get bangs again.

And banged.

In Germany!

[Real life note: Barb accidentally found this picture yesterday when we were trying to find this electronic toy I had as a kid and I was like, “WHOA GO BACK! GO BACK! CLICK ON THAT!” and then I made her email it to me so I could make it my Facebook cover photo, because why not?]

[Real life note, part 2: The toy we were trying to find, in case you care, was the Mattel Teach & Learn Computer, the name of which I had been unable to remember until yesterday, after spending two hours Googling the shit out of “1980s electronic toy” variations. Thank the lord for the Internet.]

[Real life note, part 3: Chris was also involved in the mad search for this toy. I was so excited that I actually considered bidding on one I found on eBay. “I’ve never used eBay,” Chris admitted. “It makes me nervous.” So I assured her it was legit by saying, “It’s where I get all of my pictures of dead people!” I said it kind of loud, but it was just here at work and everyone already knows about me.]

  4 Responses to “Throwback Thursday: That Time in Germany”

  1. I’m not 100% sure the one in front isn’t a trannie.

  2. This is too perfect!

  3. This is so terribly awesome.

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