Jun 032014

Henry, per your request, is about half done writing his blog post about the show we went to in Allentown. Actually, he thought he was done with it last night but I read it and said, “You left everything out. Like, everything! You didn’t even write mean things about Jonny Craig!” So hopefully he’ll be a good boy and finish that bitch tonight.

In the meantime, here is a quick Somnambulant Art update. Wendy told me that I need to do a better job reminding people that my paintings exist even if it means feeling like a sleazy haberdasher. So…let’s spotlight the recent paintings that have been placed in new homes, shalllll we?

Three favorites were snatched up this past week and I’m super stoked about it but I know some of my friends are sad because they had their eyes on these ones. You snooze, you lose, guys! Duh.

Tentacular is going to a nice home in Florida. Bon voyage, friend!


And both of my Snacks paintings have safely arrived in Chicago.

I realized I had a few spare canvases laying around, so I whipped up some newbies over the weekend. I have this thing where I need to add new pieces in my shop as soon as a painting is sold. Made this mixtape one on Sunday and my friend Jess bought it right away because she’s awesome, but don’t worry—I can make them by order! I already did a second one by request, so if you want one, bring it on. You know how much I love making mixtapes! (I also turned this one into a greeting card.)


Anyway, go check out the other stuff over at Somnambulant. You might see something you like. YOU NEVER KNOW. Maybe I’ll do an art giveaway sometime this summer if you guys are interested.

(Did I do good, Wendy?)

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  1. I love your art and I wish you would share more of it!

    Also. I am going to be 30 in August and I feel like this momentous occasion totally calls for a custom painting, yeah? I don’t know what I want, but I know I want something. So keep that in mind. :)

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