Apr 272009

The three of us were laying in bed last night when I asked Chooch to tell us a story.

“Ok um….I’mma put Daddy in the microwave, cut him with knife, eat him with a fork,” Chooch story-told with no hesitation. Naturally, he and I erupted into delirious giggles, hiccups eventually plaguing Chooch.

Henry didn’t laugh. Instead, he exasperatedly wiped his hand over his exhausted face and sighed, “This. This is why I’m not taking any part in finding him a school. That’s all on you.”

And of course, that only made Chooch and me laugh harder, until Henry ultimately left the bedroom and went downstairs.

  9 Responses to “Bedtime Tales, From Chooch to You”

  1. best story ever

  2. You should totally make a painting based on that story.

  3. Lol Chooch. What a bedtime story. Hehehe.

    • I still think my story from Friday night was better, the one where I get a scalpel and cut his face off, put it on Marcy, send her to school in his place, and all the kids laugh and say, “Chooch has a furry butt!”

      Remember how irritated Henry was when I told him, LOL.

  4. Wait until you get your first phone call when the little darling says he’s going to “kill” someone. I was called twice because of Dylan’s “terroristic threatening” against the President and one of the other kids in his class.

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