Jan 092008

You know what’s severely disheartening? When you pull out of the parking lot after work, only to have your steering wheel lock up and the car completely shut off, leaving you perpendicular to the flow of traffic, and then two of your co-workers go out of their way to drive around you while you’re waving frantically because you’re unable to find the button for the flashers since it’s your boyfriend’s mother’s car that you’re driving and you can barely think straight what with the impending fear of being t-boned and you’re so freaked out that your knee caps are tingling and it’s like your capacity to form logical solutions has rusted and seized up. I was so afraid I was looking at a replay of the Great BreakDown of Summer 2007. Boy, I nearly choked on the strong sense of humanity at that moment. I mean, would it have killed one of them to at least stop and help me get the car off of the road? Or maybe say, "Hey, let me wait with you in case you can’t get your car started"? I’ve worked with these people for over a year now! OK, Joe is a worthless piece of shit to be fair, but et tu Eleanore? Et tu? Say what you will about Tina, but if she was still working the evening shift, she’d have bailed me out without blinking an eye. (Now that I think about it, have I ever seen Tina blink?) After I was able to let the car drift backward into the parking lot and got it to restart, I cried silently on the drive home.

  15 Responses to “A Shining Example of Why I Hate People”

  1. Okay, Eleanore just lost points with me. I do not approve.

    • It really hurt. I know that I shouldn’t expect much from people, but still. I thought she was different. I’m so tired of self-serving people.

  2. That is just terrible that your co-workers didn’t stop to help!

  3. Glad you weren’t hit, but yeah. Is there a chance they didn’t realize you were in trouble? (really reaching here)

  4. :/

  5. That’s why I always waited to make sure everyone’s cars started and they were moving OK before I pulled out back when I worked late. I mean, it’s not fool proof since sometimes cars stall after they’ve started, but at least it’s something. And a hell of a lot better than driving around someone stranded in traffic. What a bunch of asshats!

  6. HATERS.

    i’m sorry.:(

  7. that’s terrible! i would’ve burst into tears!

  8. Aww, I’m sorry. I would’ve been upset too.

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