Jun 202009


The second week of potty training proved quite fruitful once we implemented a sticker reward chart. The first week I stupidly offered all kinds of extravagant rewards, such as ice cream for breakfast and a trip to the titty bar, to lure Chooch’s urine into the potty. Who knew stickers was all it would take.

The last few days, he’s been aware enough of his bodily functions to slip out of his Pull-Ups in time to drain his juice out on the pot, and today he’s officially graduated to underroos. He loves them, but did not love the sensation of dropping a deuce inside of them. Perhaps now he’ll understand the rewards of POOPING on the potty, too. He wasn’t too ashamed to run into the backyard and tell our neighbor Toya that “I pooped in my underroos and dropped it on the floor!” to which she hesitantly replied, “Okay, wow!”

Thank god Henry was here to clean that shit up.

  12 Responses to “We Have Underroos”

  1. I used a “pee and poop chart” with all three of my kids and it never took more than one cereal box sized chart. I still have my 13 year olds and have lovingly scrapbooked it for his future wife.
    Chooch is a big boy! Congrats.

  2. s’ok chooch. it happens to the best of us.
    funny how chooch is growing out of diapers as henry is about to grow into some… BECAUSE HE’S SO OLD HAHAHA GET IT? ITS A RUNNING JOKE ON YOUR BLOG

    • Two things:

      1. I was telling Henry that he got bashed for what he said about my stories and he goes, “Whatever, probably just by Francesco” and made a SCOFFING SOUND.

      2. I was telling my friend Alisha about you and referred to you as my friend and she goes, “That’s only because he hasn’t met you IRL yet.” EW!!!

  3. lol incontinence

  4. Wearing Underoos is FUN!

  5. This brings back memories! Memories that don’t make me wish I could have another one!

  6. “I pooped in my underroos and dropped it on the floor!” to which she hesitantly replied, “Okay, wow!”


    No luck in my department, but it has to happen sometime, right?

    • It sucks! The whole process!

      But Riley is super stubborn and I have faith that if he eventually succumbed and joined us potty-users, Sadie can’t be too far behind!

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