Jul 152009

Dear precious Blackberry,

I was really kind of embarrassed Saturday night when I realized that I was purse-dialing my most recent ex-boss as I left Target. I quickly punched you in an effort to end the call and hoped that he wouldn’t call back.

Well, he did call back, it just took him five days, but the call came bearing good news.

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Blackberry, I have my job back.

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I had to re-apply for it, and employment probably won’t start until a week or two (barring any abnormalities in the re-hiring process/my infamous black cloud coming back to hover) but holy shit, it will be nice to have a steady income again. Especially since our second income just ended last week. And it’s still a part-time position so I can still piss around with that art shit.

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I have no idea if I remember how to do a single fucking there. Oh well!

Blackberry, I’m attributing my good fortune to you, because I believe that my boss forgot that I existed until you decided to prank call him at 9:30 on a Saturday night, making him realize that hey, maybe there was once again enough work down there for a need to bring me back in. Thank you, Blackberry, and my inability to put you in lock-down mode despite everyone’s urging.

Loving you lots like tater tots,

Employed Erin

  16 Responses to “A LETTER”

  1. Oh Wow! Congrats!!!!!!!!

  2. yay!!! that’s great!

  3. YIPPEE SKIPPEE!!! The universe has a strange way of working things like this out. :o) congratulations! :o)

    Ally´s last blog post..I like to take long walks on the beach…

    • The universe really is strange like that, isn’t it? Henry just left that second job and I was beginning to stress all over again over finances. Now I just hope some stupid force doesn’t prevent this from happening!

  4. OH MY GAWD I CHEER. What a fucking awesome thing to come and read. From purse dialing! Which happens to me often since my name starts with A!! But this turned out awesome for you, I am so happy!!!

    I love that you refuse to lock down your Blackberry.

    • Thanks!

      I hate locking my dumb phone but damn, purse-dialing gets me in a world of shit sometimes. Like the time I purse-dialed some woman from a temp agency who was trying to get me a job and she got to hear me and my insane kid arguing. And all the times since the big best friend break-up that I’ve accidentally called her because I couldn’t figure out how to remove her from speed dial, lol. My phone always chooses to dial the people I don’t talk to often, if at all, so it’s awkward.

  5. That is really good new.Congratulations to you….enjoy talking to grown-ups again.

  6. Congratulations! I’m happy for you!!!

  7. Whooo, that is awesome!

  8. Awesome news! I’m glad to hear it, it seemed like what sanity you had was starting to slip :)

  9. Awesomeness, congrats! Will you be able to give me your Target discount? I love that place.

    By the way, I’m a huge fan of your closing line “Loving you lots like tater tots”, can I have permission to steal it and lovingly use it as my own?

    Miss you :(

    • Oh, I wish I had a Target discount! The job is actually at FedEx. I was a part time biller there for a few mths starting last September but got laid off in February. I’m extremely happy to go back because the job was so easy and peaceful.

      Yes, I’ll share my closing line with you:) I only just made it up on the spot for that entry, haha.

      I miss you too:(

      • Ah, yes, you were LEAVING Target. Maybe I should stop being a douche and learn to read more carefully before commenting. D’oh! Best of luck with the new/old job, I know it’ll be a relief considering what you’ve shared with me via email.

        Sharing is caring. You’ve gotta be awful talented to come up with that gem on the spot, you rock my dear!

        I like really, really, really miss you :(


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