Jan 202008

Odor-free Food At the last Game Night, a sample-sized stick of deodorant hung out the whole night, trapped in the middle of a ring of party food. Check the platter of those sickening mini sausages; they look like dehydrated weeners from a trio of nursing home-bound octogenarians.

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The one on the far left looks like Henry’s.

Even though I’m a vegetarian, I try to cater to my meat-devouring friends as well. (Except when I had the infamous vegetarian dinner party in ’96 and the surprisingly well-received vegetarian finger food soiree of ’03, during which the carnivores had to suffer through courses of leaves and twigs — you know, your standard meatless fare.

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) At one of my 80’s parties, I offered a tub of lobster dip and this girl Jessie set up camp on a stool next to the table and got real friendly with that dip and then washed it down with too much beer and egg nog and that dip ended up breaking her heart by the end of the night.

I didn’t even notice that little Dove was snuggled up next to the cheesecake-in-a-tub until after most of the guests left and I suctioned my ass near the food table, picking up scraps. With my tongue. Then I laughed because no one had pointed it out, or if they did, it was said laughingly behind my back. And in parseltongue. I’m somewhat shocked that no one took the liberty of slicking some of that down on the sweaty sausage.

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The next game night is in two weeks and the theme is Main Ingredient: Cereal.

Maybe a tube of Preparation H will make an appearance at that one. Appetizing.

  17 Responses to “Random Picture Sunday”

  1. I never noticed the deodorant either. Maybe people thought there was an option for having cheesecake or good hygiene?

  2. Too funny! I never even noticed it and I usually see things like that.

    BTW, I don’t have to go to California next weekend so I will see you at the bout next Saturday!!!!!

  3. The one on the far left looks like Henry’s.

    *cracking up*

  4. i’m excited to finally attend!!!!!!!!

  5. if the one on the left looks like henry’s then you are pretty much a martyr for suffering through it enough to produce your spawn. i am impressed.

    you should have everyone bring a personal hygiene product and who ever brings the most awesome one totally wins a prize.

    i’m still searching for cereal recipes!

  6. “Then I laughed because no one had pointed it out, or if they did, it was said laughingly behind my back.”

    WHY is this cracking me up so bad?!? Random deodorant on the food table and no one said anything! I so would have.

    • When I lived in my first apartment, I kept my deodorant in a kitchen cupboard and EVERYONE made fun of me for that! I think it started because I kept forgetting to take it upstairs when I moved in, and so I would put my deodorant on in the kitchen every morning. Memories!

  7. So I was all excited to make fruit pebbles krispy treats when Chris started lamenting the fact that everyone would be bringing some sort of krispy treat and he couldnt eat it. I didnt care until I realizeed that meant you wouldnt be able to either. So now Im going to go on a hunt for vegetarian marshmallows. We are right near a whole fold and a trader joes, so one of them has got to have them.

    Also Im looking forward to having a really fun game night free of people talking too much about stuff no one cares about to hear the rules!

    • This game night will be a good one, I can feel it.

      So last night I came up with a potentially great recipe: peanut butter cookies with Cap’n Crunch in it!

    • That sounds freakin delicious.

      Maybe ill cop out and bring a tub of cheesecake filling with cookie crisp instead of teddy grahams. That actually sounds kinda yummy!

  8. I’ll be present at game night with Liz…

    We’re still stuck on what to make cereal-wise, though. We’ll figure out something!

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