Apr 122016

“Who is it?” Haza called out.

“Penelope’s sister, Drew,”

“Though, I’m not a bunny,” Drew added on.

“I can still be her sister,” Drew finished.

Penelope glared at Drew, begging her to tell the truth. Drew glared back, shaking her head. She understood everything Penelope does.

“So, you’re her sister, eh? Haza questioned.

“Yup!” Drew answered.

“Interesting! Get out of my ship!” Haza shoved Drew out of the ship.

“…but I’m not a human either! I’m a, um”

Drew looked around the room, but got lured over to a familiar stench.

“What do you think you’re doing? I told you to leave!” Haza screeched.

But when Haza lunged towards Drew. Haza got knocked out and got bit in the neck, green blood flew down her spine and collar bone.

“Hmm, that’s interesting! Scarlet has been an alien all along,” Garnet grinned.

An alien guard overheard Garnet and held her by the neck against the wall.

“It’s HAZA!” he corrected angrily.

“Ok geez!” Garnet calmed him down.

“By the way, my name’s Bradley the Fox,” he introduced himself.

Meanwhile, while Drew is staring at Haza’s corpse, she just remembered about the stench. She walked over to the closet and the closet popped open. Two hostages with their hands tied, fell out. Not dead, but knocked out. They had large bruises at the top of their head, and a little blood was dripping from their bruises.

“Mom, Dad?” Drew’s voice got lower, into baritone.

Her left eye twitched, her eyes became bloodshot red. Her head turned backwards and faced the aliens.

“Oh yeah! I am a crazy psychopath!” Drew remembered.

“O’ crap. It’s the crazy killer “11 o’ clock News” was talking about on Friday the 13th!” a guard lost out of his mind shouted out.

The aliens darted toward the sliding door. The door was jammed, a perfect opportunity for Drew to punish them. Penelope hopped high up onto Drew’s head giving the aliens an opportunity to escape. Bradley the fox dropped Garnet, and turned towards Drew, Penelope hopped off Drew’s head, and Bradley uncovered his buff and cracked his knuckles, but then cracked his whole body turning to have a flexibility like rubber.

“Don’t you mess with my aliens!” Bradley shouted walking closer and closer to Drew.


  One Response to “The Adventures of Amethyst: Part 9”

  1. My favorite part was the line about the familiar stench. It evokes a foul odor without you specifically telling the reader that it stunk. Well-chosen word!

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