Oct 222017

It’s Chooch back with “The Adventures of Amethyst”. Sorry to make you wait like Game of Thrones because it’s been 2 years.

Drew looked down, and started to tear up.

“What’s wrong?” Penelope asked Drew concerned.

Then all of a sudden, Drew started to laugh. She was laughing hysterically, so loud that her skin started peeling off revealing a hint of steel.

Penelope saw this and started to shout, “Guys, go! I got this.”

“How do we know?” Garnet asked worried.


Garnet started to turn and dash but realized that they were still on a log flowing rapidly down a river. She remembered about the log and waited for it to pass by. She grabbed Amethyst by the forearm and jumped to the log. Her feet skimmed the water and she lost her grip on Amethyst.

Amethyst screamed, “Help! Quick, find something to pull me out!”

Garnet started breathing heavily, and she looked around. Her hands started to glow, and that’s when she remembered the day her parents had died. The day was October 13, the day of misfortune, and her parents had gone to the Never-ending forest to search for the endangered species of Bloorbs. Bloorbs are a furry, fluffy kind of “Lizard” and they only come out on Friday the 13th. So Garnet had to stay back with her nana, Vrov. She was the meanest, most loudest Nan in the town of Hurghston. Before her parents had gone on the trip, they handed Garnet an amulet. That amulet had a chain around it, so she put it around her neck. Her parents had made it to the forest and gotten out of their jeep, and they got all of their equipment in hand. They had walked about a mile in the forest until they heard a crack in the leaves. They assumed it was a Bloorb because they are the only reptile/mammal around at night on the 13th because all the other animals get frightened and burrow or hide.

They said together, “Litinol!” That is the spell for light.

They tip-toed over to the spot where they had heard the noise and they saw a bit of fluff. Garnet’s mom got the net and trapped it, but it didn’t move.

The dad inferred, “Wait maybe…” He picked up the lizard and it was plastic.

They said, “Oh man, whoever did this is going to die!”

They chanted the spell that explodes the radius around them, but in the middle of it, they felt a shift in their spines. They turned around to see a warrior with a hockey mask and what had been jabbed into their backs had been a machete.

Garnet started to whimper and her eyes started to glow. That flashback had made her exasperated. She grabbed the amulet that was around her neck and closed her eyes. All of a sudden she felt an alteration in her bones. Her hand started to glow even brighter and metal started poking out of her hand. It was getting longer and it started to look like a chain. She decided to throw her hand in the direction of Amethyst and the chain shot in the air towards her. It splashed in the water and Amethyst got soaked, she didn’t care because as long as she wasn’t going to die she was fine. She grabbed on to the chain and Garnet pulled the chain back into her hand. Amethyst had landed on to the land.

Despite that, Penelope and Drew were still on the log speeding down the river. Drew had completely broken in to full animatronic now. She had two metal legs that had bolts missing in certain spots, and her chest area was missing a section completely so she was smoking. Drew had swung her arm at Penelope but she had ducked and heated up her arm in the sleeve of her hoodie. Drew had ducked and kicked Penelope’s shins. Penelope reacted very sharply and almost pushed herself off of the log. Drew laughed and went for a shove but Penelope countered it and pushed Drew back. Drew had saved herself from falling but her finger dipped in the finger slightly and it made a spark. That’s when it hit Penelope. Drew is a robot, so her weakness is water and it will screw up her programming. Penelope cupped her hands and dipped it in water.

Then she said, “Hasta Lavista, Baby,” and she splashed Drew in the spot where she was smoking. The water had steamed up that spot even more and it started flaming. With the flames and all of the sparks, it was like Fourth of July, which Penelope is scared of. She lunged at Drew and landed in the water. She came out with 3rd degree burns on her lips and her neck. Penelope was close enough to the riverbank and she pulled herself up and started coughing up water and ash. She looked back and saw Drew no where. Did she escape? Did she keep going?

To Be Continued…


May 102016

Drew walked back growling. Glowing red eyes beaming on the windows. Her teeth, cherry red and her claws dangling from her finger tips. Bradley, getting closer and closer, had glowing yellow eyes, almost as bright as the green lava lamp on the control table.

“RUN!” Garnet shouted throwing the green lava lamp at Bradley. It exploded, shooting out green goop from all sides (mostly on Bradley). But something interesting happened, the goo must have burned off all of his skin, because he was now a red animatronic with same eyes as before, glowing yellow eyes. He seemed to move a lot swifter now. He had a mean snarl on his face telling them something good is not going to happen. Drew, trapped between a wall and Bradley, hopped over him and door nearly closing, vaulted through with a little fur ripping off. They legged it. They ran wherever the path took them.

Breaking the silence, Penelope said, “You know, Amethyst, this is my fault,”

“It isn’t your fault, Penelope,” Amethyst shook her head.


“No ‘buts’. It’s my fault,”

“I wasn’t watching you, I didn’t have a fence up, and I never really took care of you,” she said disappointedly. “I see why you wanted to run away. This is the only time I wanted to something nice for you. But you ran away, scaring the living life out of me,” she finished.

Amethyst looked up, and saw everybody crying so hard it could make a river. LITERALLY! The next thing they knew they were flowing fast down a speeding river. Looking for a log to hold on to (like in the movies) Amethyst saw a drop, of what looked like a waterfall.

She cried, “Guys! Think of something quick!”

“Why?” Garnet asked worried.

“We weren’t paying attention,”  Pearl said with large, wide eyes.

“There’s. A. Waterfall,” Amethyst said nervously.

Quickly looking for something, Garnet found a key out of the problem. It was a large log, probably as long as a tree. Who would’ve thought?

“Guys quick there’s a log on land over there! But we need someone who could shape shift into a fish,” Garnet informed.

Then, Penelope said, looking at Drew, “Well, in fact there is someone!”

To Be Continued…

Apr 132016

“You shall fear the wrath of the Real Alien Commander!” Bradley announced.

“Oh I-I will!” Drew answered.

“Well, clearly you want to die!” Bradley replied.

“As I have won 78 UFC Medals. So you shall die!”

It’s true though Bradley had won 72 UFC Medals.

“As Martin Luther King Jr. once said ‘There’s no reason to fight. When you have love.’ So let’s end this,” Pearl pleaded.

“Martin Luther never said that, and I’m no historical person,” Amethyst grinned.

The aliens had left the door open. So the aliens that ran away peered behind a bush that had no leaves because of the nuke.

“Ye’ Humans could need ay potion!” a weird wizard said from the top of the UFO dropping random potions on the aliens and humans. It specifically hit Penelope, Drew, and Bradley. It made Bradley slim, and made Drew buff but a bunny, and Penelope was now a human.

“Finally, I-I can spoke about-” Bradley cut Penelope off.

“I AM NOT BUFF ANYMORE! AHHH!” Bradley panicked.

“As me were s-saying, finally, I-I could spoke about who Drew is liar, and no tell truth,” Penelope tattled.

“Ever since me were baby bunny, Drew be kicking me bum day all,” Penelope added.

“Okay shut up! You have very bad grammar!” Pearl stopped Penelope.

The wizard stared and curled his lip.

“Oops!” the wizard apologized.

“Get back here you horrible person,” Bradley yelled.

Drew, the buff bunny, jumped on Bradley and bit his neck. As she was very angry, she could still attack aliens.

“Drew, Penelope? Is that you?” Drew’s mom asked struggling to open her eyes.

“Drew? Why are you a bunny, and Penelope’s a human?” Drew’s dad asked also struggling to open up his eyes.

“Last time we saw you it was white and cold. What’s is it called?” Drew’s mom struggled to remember.

“No, last time we saw them it was green and colored things were in the ground,” Drew’s dad corrected.

“It be called Winter and Spring,” Penelope told them.

“We have a day of birth box wrapped up and has a ribbon for you,” Drew’s mom said.

Apr 122016

“Who is it?” Haza called out.

“Penelope’s sister, Drew,”

“Though, I’m not a bunny,” Drew added on.

“I can still be her sister,” Drew finished.

Penelope glared at Drew, begging her to tell the truth. Drew glared back, shaking her head. She understood everything Penelope does.

“So, you’re her sister, eh? Haza questioned.

“Yup!” Drew answered.

“Interesting! Get out of my ship!” Haza shoved Drew out of the ship.

“…but I’m not a human either! I’m a, um”

Drew looked around the room, but got lured over to a familiar stench.

“What do you think you’re doing? I told you to leave!” Haza screeched.

But when Haza lunged towards Drew. Haza got knocked out and got bit in the neck, green blood flew down her spine and collar bone.

“Hmm, that’s interesting! Scarlet has been an alien all along,” Garnet grinned.

An alien guard overheard Garnet and held her by the neck against the wall.

“It’s HAZA!” he corrected angrily.

“Ok geez!” Garnet calmed him down.

“By the way, my name’s Bradley the Fox,” he introduced himself.

Meanwhile, while Drew is staring at Haza’s corpse, she just remembered about the stench. She walked over to the closet and the closet popped open. Two hostages with their hands tied, fell out. Not dead, but knocked out. They had large bruises at the top of their head, and a little blood was dripping from their bruises.

“Mom, Dad?” Drew’s voice got lower, into baritone.

Her left eye twitched, her eyes became bloodshot red. Her head turned backwards and faced the aliens.

“Oh yeah! I am a crazy psychopath!” Drew remembered.

“O’ crap. It’s the crazy killer “11 o’ clock News” was talking about on Friday the 13th!” a guard lost out of his mind shouted out.

The aliens darted toward the sliding door. The door was jammed, a perfect opportunity for Drew to punish them. Penelope hopped high up onto Drew’s head giving the aliens an opportunity to escape. Bradley the fox dropped Garnet, and turned towards Drew, Penelope hopped off Drew’s head, and Bradley uncovered his buff and cracked his knuckles, but then cracked his whole body turning to have a flexibility like rubber.

“Don’t you mess with my aliens!” Bradley shouted walking closer and closer to Drew.


Mar 222016

“I, the great commander, Haza, will run this ship! My friends may know me as Scarlet. They left me behind,” “Haza” announced.

“They locked me in a locker, then Izuqi found me and we fell in love.”

“Anyways, they left me in there and didn’t take care of me,”

“Weirdo,” Garnet whispered.

“Silence! Or I’ll execute you!” Haza threatened.

Aliens gasped.

“Geez!” Garnet added.

“Alright! Take her to the chamber!” Haza screamed.

“Goed, baaws,” the guard answered.

“What!?” Garnet sighed.

“We’ll make it a slow, painful death for talking again!” Haza demanded

*Boom!* A big loud bang exploded outside. Penelope peeked. It was blank. No leaves, no building, no… ANYTHING! A nuke dropped!

“OH… MY… GOD!” Pearl gasped.

“Ons het voorberei!” The guard announced.

“He said “We came prepared”,” Haza translated.

Pearl saw a flyer for Warped Tour and gave it to the guard.

“Wat is hierdie?” He questioned.

*Neigh! Neigh!*

“I’m a Unicorn!” a PINK voice called out.

Pearl looked outside and face-palmed.

“It’s Yuki. She’s being too kawaii!” Pearl looked away.

“Notice me senpai!” Yuki announced.

“Anyways. Execute Garnet!” Haza demanded.

Garnet started to cry. She turned into a psychopath. She kicked the guards in the shin, and ankle. She turned her head at Haza, and plummeted at her.

“Get off of me!” Haza cried.

Ja afklim van haar!” the guard defended Haza.

“By the way his name is Owadu,” Haza stated.

“Ja!” Owadu nodded.

Pearl looked at her chest, and looked back up. She frowned at Haza. She pulled out a balloon, took a needle, and popped it.


“What the heck!” Haza judged.

“I want to say a speech,” Pearl stated.

“Go ahead!” Haza welcomed.


“Okay you’re done. Nice speech!” Haza clapped.

“Hey be nice to her she’s your friend!” Amethyst punched her fist.

“She WAS my friend,” Haza stated.

“Can I join the fight?”

Mar 162016

The lord stared down at his guard and grew with anger and disgusted.

“You will pay you hooman!” he shouted at Yuki.

Penelope hopped around the dead alien, and licked the blood of the ground.

“Ew Penelope!” Garnet and Amethyst whispered.

“Huh? Who’s there?” the lord overheard Garnet and Amethyst whisper.

Garnet and Amethyst zipped their mouths shut as they stared at the lord. He looked around the building, he couldn’t see them anywhere. Yuki ran off, the lord’s scared of Penelope, and Pearl was taken away. Pearl got shoved into the U.F.O with a rope tied around her hands.

“Bloop Brz Brlp,” conversations echoed around the U.F.O.

“What is this place?” Pearl thought.

The aliens were stupid because they didn’t lock her up in a cage or cell. She figured out a way to escape. She luckily had a nail file in her bag. She pulled it out, and went over in a closet. She took it and sliced the thin rope off of her wrists. Her father knew martial arts and he taught Pearl a little bit of the moves: Dropkick, that’s it she forgot most of the others. She freed herself from the rope tied around her wrists and climbed up the ladder behind her. She used the only move she knew on a alien guard. The alien guard collapsed. He had a baton in his left sleeve just in case. She took it.

“Why don’t I just escape, these aliens are dumb anyway,” Pearl whispered to her chest.

Garnet was walking up behind the lord and punched him. His skull felt as hard as metal. Before she could even recover from the cracked knuckle, she was being carried up the ladder.

“Garnet no! Don’t go,” Amethyst cried.

She was being carried up the ladder too the minute she said that. Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl were trapped in the U.F.O together. Garnet injured, Amethyst scared, and Pearl feeling strong.

*Slam* the door swung open.

“I got an order for you” another “alien?” sounded in.

Mar 142016

“Well, WHAT?!” Pearl cried worried.

“She’s not breathing,” Garnet sighed.

Pearl’s eyes grew red and tears flowed down her face. *Beep Boop* A sound approached the creepy hospital.

“Vrob Br Pls,” a weird noise came into the hospital.

“I think there are aliens here!” Pearl cried with tears still flowing down their face.

They peered over at Yuki as she banged her head off the wall.

“Should we leave her?” Garnet asked.

Pearl and Amethyst nodded together.

*Whoosh*  the door slammed open upstairs. *Boom* the creature or thing fell to the ground.

“Should we hide?” Garnet questioned.

“Yeah,” Pearl and Amethyst agreed together.

Garnet walked over into a closet and set Scarlet down. She then ran behind an office desk and hid under. Pearl ran over to a ladder and climbed it. When she reached the top she found the exit. She saw a grey round ship with handles at the bottom. She felt something in her pocket. She reached in and grabbed a walkie-talkie. She turned it on and talked.

Garnet, Amethyst. I think I know what’s happening. I climbed a ladder and I got up to the main floor. I see a green, skinny, black-eyed figure staring at me!”

Okay, we’ll check it out,” Garnet said into the walkie-talkie.

Pearl climbed back down and there was another green figure staring at her.

“Arrest her! This hooman has found our secret! Execute her!” The “ALIEN?” shouted to his guards.

One of the guards had like 7 layers of steel armor. The other had a vest on.

All I wanted was to give Penelope some orange jellybeans. God!” Amethyst thought herself.

“There’s more of them I can smell them!” the Alien Lord shouted.

He walked over to the closet. Scarlet fell out and hit her skull off the floor. She started to breathe. Thank god!

“Told you! There’s more of them! Find them all!” the lord bragged.

He looked over at Penelope and Yuki.

“Capture that beast and hooman, NOW!” he demanded.

Penelope hopped around and dodged the rope and cuffs. Yuki had tantrum and hit the guard. The guard fell, cracked his green skull open on the asphalt ground. The blood was green. It was everywhere.

Mar 072016

They turned around, they didn’t know who it was. Penelope grinned. The lady looked at Penelope, then disappeared. She must of been a magician if he could just disappear.

“Um she didn’t say anything besides , No you won’t, but okay,” Garnet mumbled.

“UGH” Scarlet said while she collapsed.

“We need to help her!” Garnet panicked.

“Over there, looks like a hospital,” Pearl stated.

But little did they know it was haunted.

“Huh?” Garnet overheard.

Nothing. I really got to mute myself from them. *beep* okay good. Little did they know it was haunted. 6 people had died there. The doctor was horrible, and accidentally gave himself food poisoning. He died in the hospital working on a patient. He’s known as the “Wrath of the Veins”. They walked in and looked around. Floors creaked, doors opened, and the scariest of all… the floor collapsed.

“Aiiii! The floor! We’re dead!” Amethyst cried.

But luckily for them they landed in a big pool of water, (because this is a story and nobody dies yet) that had been getting deeper and deeper through the past few years.

”Looks like we’re in the laboratory. Where Dr. Em Manual worked. Guess he’s Spanish,” Amethyst deduced.

“Over here,” someone whispered.

It was another stranger they found, like every chapter in this story. They find someone, the end.

“Who are you, lady?” Garnet muttered.

“I’m Yuki. The most depressed girl in my school I got expelled from,” Yuki sighed.

“Oh well, if it makes you feel better, I got expelled, too,” Garnet bragged.

She knew she never got expelled before, she just wanted to make Yuki feel better.

“Shut Up!” Yuki cried.

“What’s wrong with her?” Garnet whispered to Amethyst.

Amethyst shrugged.

“I just wanted to make a friend but you guys just make me feel worse!” Yuki wailed.

Yuki ran away in sadness. She banged her head off the wall, and cried. Garnet and Amethyst walked over.

“Stop,” Pearl suggested.

“I got this, you guys make her feel bad,”

“Okay, geez,” Amethyst and Garnet sassed.

Pearl walked over to Yuki, and patted her on the back.

“It’s okay, ignore them. They’re idiots,” Pearl cheered her up.

“Idiot, like me!” Yuki cried.

“Oh great, I made her feel worse. There is just no way to cheer her up. Everything makes her feel bad,” Pearl thought to herself.

She walked back over to Garnet and Amethyst.

“Is Scarlet alright?” she wondered.

“Well…” Garnet started.

Mar 022016

They all stared in aw, as Penelope smiled and hopped around. “Wait we shouldn’t be happy, we should be mad at Penelope,” Amethyst remembered.

“Well actually Penelope was trying to help us,” Garnet implied.

“Uh huh. Sure,” Amethyst snapped.

They all stared down at Penelope, they then picked her up and walked away. They walked back to the trail to keep their adventure going. “So we’re about 10 minutes away from your house right, Amethyst?” Pearl asked.

“Well actually 10 minutes and 26 seconds.” Amethyst mimicked Garnet.

“Hey! Well actually we’re 10 minutes 23 seconds away now, so ha!” Garnet came-back.

“How bout’ you shut up!” Amethyst screamed.

“How bout’… NO!” Garnet squawked.

“Girls. Girls. Calm do-”

Garnet jumped Amethyst before Pearl could finish her sentence. Garnet started to punch Amethyst right in the cheek bone. It took about-

“7 minutes and 26 seconds before we finished fighting,” Garnet interrupted.

Shut up Garnet, I’m speaking as you can see. So as I was saying it took about-

“7 minutes and 37 seconds before we finished fighting,” Amethyst also interrupted.

Okay now shut up both of you.  It took about 7 HOURS, 2 minutes, and 45 seconds before they finished fighting. When they finished beating up each other, they kept walking, Penelope disappointed, Amethyst wounded, Garnet angry, Pearl proud. They walked past the Fairy Clubhouse. It was theirs but since half of them are angry at each other, they would burn it down.

“Okay, should we burn this down?” Pearl insisted.

“Well, why not.” Amethyst grinned.

Pearl had the lighter and looked at Scarlet.

“Hey Scarlet want to burn it down?” Pearl asked.

Scarlet shrugged and went up to grab the lighter. She lit it up, then started to cry. She walked away from the club house and threw the lighter and hit Garnet in the head. Garnet was asleep, then she woke up.

“Scarlet you’ve been awfully quite today what happened?” Pearl whispered to Scarlet.

“Well… I… am… SICK!” Scarlet cried.

“Oh-oh, sick by what?” Amethyst peeped.

… a moment of silence broke through, as the girls walked and stared at Scarlet. They had wide puppy eyes, like a 5 yr old would have on his face when he wants something.

“Well, I have leukemia. I will live,” Scarlet sighed.

“No you won’t! We need to get you a doctor!” Pearl cried.

“I’ll be fine, just.. calm down,” Scarlet insisted.

“No you won’t,” a familiar voice came in.

To Be Continued…

Mar 012016

Amethyst didn’t need the stupid bandage anymore. She got the gem, which will help her survive with the fire ant bite.

*Wheeze Wheeze* the lady was having trouble breathing.

Thoughts were flying through Amethyst’s mind: Should she save her, and not be able to escape? Or should she leave her, and escape with Penelope? She had no clue.

“Oh! I got an Idea!” she thought. Before she could say what she was going to do the old lady had died of poison. She had really needed to work on choosing quicker. Well 2 people died. RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER! Good thing there are no cops around Wonderslate or else she would have been questioned about these murder incidents. “My god, Penelope did you see that?” Amethyst asked.

Penelope nodded.

They heard a voice.

“Well lets just… GO!” They ran from it. They did not need to witness another murder.

“Oh there you! Amethyst how you been?” One of Amethyst’s friends called out.

“Scarlet? Pearl? Garnet? Is it really you guys?!” Amethyst peeped.

“Well unless you’re dreamin’, of course we’re real!” Pearl punched Amethyst lightly on the shoulder. She’s known them since their Senior Year in High School.

“How you been?” Amethyst squawked.

“Well if getting a paycheck in the mail worth 100 faircoins (Their money currency) is what you call good, then no,” Pearl sighed.

“Yeah our life’s been rough, too.” Scarlet and Garnet jinxed.

“Jinx you owe me a fairda!” (their sodas) Garnet expressed. They stared at each other, then laughed!

They had a moment of silence for about 30 seconds.

“Well wanna help me take Penelope back to my place?” Amethyst broke the silence.

“Sure… Sure, Why not?” They coincidentally said together.

They all carried Penelope back to Amethyst’s place. They walked through a pitch black forest, which hadn’t been there before when Amethyst had walked down to get Penelope.

Then she realized. “We are going the complete wrong way. Turn around now!” Amethyst wailed.

They turned around looking straight into a pair of eyes.

“Well… Guess you finally found me. One of the murderers for the several murders that had happened in Wonderslate. So what are you going to do? Tell your mommies?!” he teased. “Ha Ha Ha Ha! Better think fast before I murder one of you. If you haven’t realized, you’re holding a murderer right now!”

They looked down at Penelope. Penelope stared deep into their eyes, expecting to paralyze one of them.

Amethyst grinned. Soon they all grinned, except the man, because they didn’t believe the man that one of the murderers is Penelope.

“Ha! Really?! Penelope, she’s just a little bunny. Well… maybe a little fluffy,” Amethyst grinned.

The man frowned, then laughed. “Well maybe you’re right. Penelope paralyze them!” the man hollered.

Soon a little bit after he fell to the ground paralyzed. Not expecting it, they hugged Penelope, then backed away.

“He’s right. She is a killer,” Pearl gasped. To Be Continued…

Feb 292016

“What is it?” Amethyst asked.

“Well it’s hard to explain, just take it,” the man stated

“MY WAND!” she screamed “Where did you get this?” she added.

“I found it laying on the ground when you were walking,” the man said suspiciously.

“What are you hiding from me?” She wondered.

“Well I have some of your…” he stopped.

He got an arrow shot into his back. He couldn’t feel a limb. He felt drowsy. The trees started to arch into the gate to the city of Wonderslate.

“Oh my god are you okay…” before she could finish he had fallen to the ground lying there with a blank stare. He had felt the pain of death at such a young age. The murderer must be found we will narrow it down to 3 suspects- The grandma, Hugo, and Penelope… WAIT PENELOPE, who gave me this script?

“What the crap just happened?” Amethyst thought to herself. She walked over to the trees to see who done it. She turned, she saw something what could it be. She was too scared to go over to it. She pulled out her Magnified Leaf to get a closer look. It’s a scarecrow with a.. Hugo face mask.

“Oh my god, HUGO I’m so sorry I was always rude to you.” She said loudly.

“Huh?! Who’s there? I’ll get you rotten kids!” A voice called must be grandma.

Suddenly a pain shot up Amethyst’s arm. She looked down there was a dozen fire ants biting on her arm. “Aiiiii! Get off of me!” She screamed.

“Now you’re really gonna pay! Where are ya?!” Grandma screamed.

Amethyst passed out and fell to the ground. She woke up next to Penelope. “Uh where am I?” Amethyst asked.

“You’re in my lab! You will pay for messing up my test.” Grandma mumbled.

“Well okay.?” Amethyst stuttered. Only if she hadn’t passed out she wouldn’t be in this mess. She hit herself in the head. She looked down where  all of the fire ants had been nibbling on her arm, it was all bandaged up. Her grandma had done something nice? “Thanks grandma,” she mentioned.

“Grandma? GRANDMA? I don’t have grandchildren.” she snapped.

“Uh, then who’s that outside in the cage?” Amethyst stuttered.

“Oh them, well the one is my younger sister. Another is my younger brother. There’s also my husband.” The lady responded.

Amethyst was freaked out she had been kidnapped by this lady she had not known. She wish she could run away. But she was tied to the bench. Penelope sat there eating a carrot. Amethyst gave Penelope the orange jelly beans in the carrot bag. The next thing she realized the whole bag is gone.

“Here take this, it’s a gem. It’ll help you heal,” the lady provided in her best salesman voice. She couldn’t believe her eyes, the gem was bright purple with dragon designs on it, she had been looking for this gem her whole entire life. To Be Continued…

Feb 272016

At Kohls today, Chooch snuck a carrot-wrapped package of Jelly Bellys onto the counter and before we knew it, we had paid $6 for it. Henry is a tightwad so he was super pissed about this and decided that Chooch’s punishment was going to be to EAT THE WHOLE THING. Whoa, slow your roll there, Hitler. Of course, Chooch shrugged that off as a win, so then I declared his other punishment was that he had to write a story about jellybeans on my blog, because it’s like SUCH A DRAG for him to blog. However, this whole thing has backfired on me because he’s really getting into this story. “I think I might need a bigger word count,” he just said. “Like, this might need to be at least 5 chapters.” So without further ado, here’s part one of his jellybean inspired story.

ONCE UPON A TIME, a fairy by the name of Amethyst created a brand new jelly bean for her pet rabbit, Penelope. It was a regular orange jelly bean. BUT… it was wrapped in a plastic bag in the shape of a carrot so it looked just like a carrot for her bunny to eat.

Feeling proud, she walked to Penelope’s bunny house. It was empty.

“Penelope’s gone…? How?!” Amethyst thought to herself.

She ran over to her neighbor Hugo the Hunchback. He was from Notre Dame. *knock knock*

Amethyst knew she didn’t have to knock, she could just fly straight through. But she was polite. Hugo answered. “Huh who are you?” he asked.

“I’m your neighbor.” Amethyst said.

“Oh yeah!” he remembered.

Idiot.” Amethyst whispered to herself. “Well I’m here because my bunny Penelope is missing. I was wondering if you’ve seen her.”

“Well i didn’t see her, sadly. But i have some rat stew if you’re hungry.” He politely stated.

“I’m fine.” Amethyst puked out.

“Well nice seeing you!” He waved.

“He seems innocent.” She said as she walked away on her quest to find Penelope. “Well maybe someone who is really jealous of Penelope and her beautiful fluffy tail took her to a cabin.” She kept walking. After 6 minutes her carrot shaped jellybean bag had a hole in it and the jellybeans fell out one by one. She also saw a hut. She peeked inside, there was a strange figure standing there with Penelope…PENELOPE!? She took a closer look at the figure. *Creak* “Huh who’s there!” the figure said. She saw the face it looked wrinkled and she had one tooth. It looked like… GRANDMA? “Why would she do this to me?” Amethyst whispered to herself.

“Over here.” someone whispered.

“Mom?” Amethyst asked.

“Your grandma is being crazy. She hates all of us. Let us out before she sees you.”

“Um… Okay sure, Mom.” Amethyst said. “Who are these people?” Amethyst asked.

“Well this is your dad, Joel and your old gramps, Joey. They are so weird.” mom said.

“Oh… Well.. I sure never met them.” Amethyst stated as she walked away to get the key from her grandma. With a half full bag of orange jellybeans she forgot what she was going to do with it so she gave it to her mum. But when she turned around she saw a figure run into the berry bushes.

“Hello?” Amethyst called.

*ring ring* “Oh, Crap!” a voice called out.

“Who is that?” she yelled.

“Um, yeah hi.” the man said. “I’m… a photographer, I’ve been stalking you since 1862.” the man said.

“Well that’s not creepy at all.” she said sarcastically.

“Well I have a gift for you.” He grinned.

To Be Continued…