Mar 012016

Amethyst didn’t need the stupid bandage anymore. She got the gem, which will help her survive with the fire ant bite.

*Wheeze Wheeze* the lady was having trouble breathing.

Thoughts were flying through Amethyst’s mind: Should she save her, and not be able to escape? Or should she leave her, and escape with Penelope? She had no clue.

“Oh! I got an Idea!” she thought. Before she could say what she was going to do the old lady had died of poison. She had really needed to work on choosing quicker. Well 2 people died. RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER! Good thing there are no cops around Wonderslate or else she would have been questioned about these murder incidents. “My god, Penelope did you see that?” Amethyst asked.

Penelope nodded.

They heard a voice.

“Well lets just… GO!” They ran from it. They did not need to witness another murder.

“Oh there you! Amethyst how you been?” One of Amethyst’s friends called out.

“Scarlet? Pearl? Garnet? Is it really you guys?!” Amethyst peeped.

“Well unless you’re dreamin’, of course we’re real!” Pearl punched Amethyst lightly on the shoulder. She’s known them since their Senior Year in High School.

“How you been?” Amethyst squawked.

“Well if getting a paycheck in the mail worth 100 faircoins (Their money currency) is what you call good, then no,” Pearl sighed.

“Yeah our life’s been rough, too.” Scarlet and Garnet jinxed.

“Jinx you owe me a fairda!” (their sodas) Garnet expressed. They stared at each other, then laughed!

They had a moment of silence for about 30 seconds.

“Well wanna help me take Penelope back to my place?” Amethyst broke the silence.

“Sure… Sure, Why not?” They coincidentally said together.

They all carried Penelope back to Amethyst’s place. They walked through a pitch black forest, which hadn’t been there before when Amethyst had walked down to get Penelope.

Then she realized. “We are going the complete wrong way. Turn around now!” Amethyst wailed.

They turned around looking straight into a pair of eyes.

“Well… Guess you finally found me. One of the murderers for the several murders that had happened in Wonderslate. So what are you going to do? Tell your mommies?!” he teased. “Ha Ha Ha Ha! Better think fast before I murder one of you. If you haven’t realized, you’re holding a murderer right now!”

They looked down at Penelope. Penelope stared deep into their eyes, expecting to paralyze one of them.

Amethyst grinned. Soon they all grinned, except the man, because they didn’t believe the man that one of the murderers is Penelope.

“Ha! Really?! Penelope, she’s just a little bunny. Well… maybe a little fluffy,” Amethyst grinned.

The man frowned, then laughed. “Well maybe you’re right. Penelope paralyze them!” the man hollered.

Soon a little bit after he fell to the ground paralyzed. Not expecting it, they hugged Penelope, then backed away.

“He’s right. She is a killer,” Pearl gasped. To Be Continued…

  One Response to “The Adventures of Amethyst: Part 3”

  1. A killer?! How could this be?! No, I can’t possibly believe it.

    I will stay tuned.

    Also, excellent use of the verb squawked. :)

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