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They all stared in aw, as Penelope smiled and hopped around. “Wait we shouldn’t be happy, we should be mad at Penelope,” Amethyst remembered.

“Well actually Penelope was trying to help us,” Garnet implied.

“Uh huh. Sure,” Amethyst snapped.

They all stared down at Penelope, they then picked her up and walked away. They walked back to the trail to keep their adventure going. “So we’re about 10 minutes away from your house right, Amethyst?” Pearl asked.

“Well actually 10 minutes and 26 seconds.” Amethyst mimicked Garnet.

“Hey! Well actually we’re 10 minutes 23 seconds away now, so ha!” Garnet came-back.

“How bout’ you shut up!” Amethyst screamed.

“How bout’… NO!” Garnet squawked.

“Girls. Girls. Calm do-”

Garnet jumped Amethyst before Pearl could finish her sentence. Garnet started to punch Amethyst right in the cheek bone. It took about-

“7 minutes and 26 seconds before we finished fighting,” Garnet interrupted.

Shut up Garnet, I’m speaking as you can see. So as I was saying it took about-

“7 minutes and 37 seconds before we finished fighting,” Amethyst also interrupted.

Okay now shut up both of you.  It took about 7 HOURS, 2 minutes, and 45 seconds before they finished fighting. When they finished beating up each other, they kept walking, Penelope disappointed, Amethyst wounded, Garnet angry, Pearl proud. They walked past the Fairy Clubhouse. It was theirs but since half of them are angry at each other, they would burn it down.

“Okay, should we burn this down?” Pearl insisted.

“Well, why not.” Amethyst grinned.

Pearl had the lighter and looked at Scarlet.

“Hey Scarlet want to burn it down?” Pearl asked.

Scarlet shrugged and went up to grab the lighter. She lit it up, then started to cry. She walked away from the club house and threw the lighter and hit Garnet in the head. Garnet was asleep, then she woke up.

“Scarlet you’ve been awfully quite today what happened?” Pearl whispered to Scarlet.

“Well… I… am… SICK!” Scarlet cried.

“Oh-oh, sick by what?” Amethyst peeped.

… a moment of silence broke through, as the girls walked and stared at Scarlet. They had wide puppy eyes, like a 5 yr old would have on his face when he wants something.

“Well, I have leukemia. I will live,” Scarlet sighed.

“No you won’t! We need to get you a doctor!” Pearl cried.

“I’ll be fine, just.. calm down,” Scarlet insisted.

“No you won’t,” a familiar voice came in.

To Be Continued…

  One Response to “The Adventures of Amethyst: Part 4”

  1. An excellent representation of how the tensions of the day have affected everyone. We have witnesses to a murder, a kidnapping, a stalker photographer, a confusing grandma, and an all around disturbing day. Our characters are reacting to this by burning down the house. Very good portrayal of tension.

    I wonder where the fire ants went?

    And WHO is that familiar voice? I can’t wait to find out!

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