Feb 292016

“What is it?” Amethyst asked.

“Well it’s hard to explain, just take it,” the man stated

“MY WAND!” she screamed “Where did you get this?” she added.

“I found it laying on the ground when you were walking,” the man said suspiciously.

“What are you hiding from me?” She wondered.

“Well I have some of your…” he stopped.

He got an arrow shot into his back. He couldn’t feel a limb. He felt drowsy. The trees started to arch into the gate to the city of Wonderslate.

“Oh my god are you okay…” before she could finish he had fallen to the ground lying there with a blank stare. He had felt the pain of death at such a young age. The murderer must be found we will narrow it down to 3 suspects- The grandma, Hugo, and Penelope… WAIT PENELOPE, who gave me this script?

“What the crap just happened?” Amethyst thought to herself. She walked over to the trees to see who done it. She turned, she saw something what could it be. She was too scared to go over to it. She pulled out her Magnified Leaf to get a closer look. It’s a scarecrow with a.. Hugo face mask.

“Oh my god, HUGO I’m so sorry I was always rude to you.” She said loudly.

“Huh?! Who’s there? I’ll get you rotten kids!” A voice called must be grandma.

Suddenly a pain shot up Amethyst’s arm. She looked down there was a dozen fire ants biting on her arm. “Aiiiii! Get off of me!” She screamed.

“Now you’re really gonna pay! Where are ya?!” Grandma screamed.

Amethyst passed out and fell to the ground. She woke up next to Penelope. “Uh where am I?” Amethyst asked.

“You’re in my lab! You will pay for messing up my test.” Grandma mumbled.

“Well okay.?” Amethyst stuttered. Only if she hadn’t passed out she wouldn’t be in this mess. She hit herself in the head. She looked down where  all of the fire ants had been nibbling on her arm, it was all bandaged up. Her grandma had done something nice? “Thanks grandma,” she mentioned.

“Grandma? GRANDMA? I don’t have grandchildren.” she snapped.

“Uh, then who’s that outside in the cage?” Amethyst stuttered.

“Oh them, well the one is my younger sister. Another is my younger brother. There’s also my husband.” The lady responded.

Amethyst was freaked out she had been kidnapped by this lady she had not known. She wish she could run away. But she was tied to the bench. Penelope sat there eating a carrot. Amethyst gave Penelope the orange jelly beans in the carrot bag. The next thing she realized the whole bag is gone.

“Here take this, it’s a gem. It’ll help you heal,” the lady provided in her best salesman voice. She couldn’t believe her eyes, the gem was bright purple with dragon designs on it, she had been looking for this gem her whole entire life. To Be Continued…

  One Response to “The Adventures of Amethyst, Part 2”

  1. Her best salesman voice! That’s a nice touch! So many things confusing Amethyst right now. I hope we get to hear what happens to her next!

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