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At Kohls today, Chooch snuck a carrot-wrapped package of Jelly Bellys onto the counter and before we knew it, we had paid $6 for it. Henry is a tightwad so he was super pissed about this and decided that Chooch’s punishment was going to be to EAT THE WHOLE THING. Whoa, slow your roll there, Hitler. Of course, Chooch shrugged that off as a win, so then I declared his other punishment was that he had to write a story about jellybeans on my blog, because it’s like SUCH A DRAG for him to blog. However, this whole thing has backfired on me because he’s really getting into this story. “I think I might need a bigger word count,” he just said. “Like, this might need to be at least 5 chapters.” So without further ado, here’s part one of his jellybean inspired story.

ONCE UPON A TIME, a fairy by the name of Amethyst created a brand new jelly bean for her pet rabbit, Penelope. It was a regular orange jelly bean. BUT… it was wrapped in a plastic bag in the shape of a carrot so it looked just like a carrot for her bunny to eat.

Feeling proud, she walked to Penelope’s bunny house. It was empty.

“Penelope’s gone…? How?!” Amethyst thought to herself.

She ran over to her neighbor Hugo the Hunchback. He was from Notre Dame. *knock knock*

Amethyst knew she didn’t have to knock, she could just fly straight through. But she was polite. Hugo answered. “Huh who are you?” he asked.

“I’m your neighbor.” Amethyst said.

“Oh yeah!” he remembered.

Idiot.” Amethyst whispered to herself. “Well I’m here because my bunny Penelope is missing. I was wondering if you’ve seen her.”

“Well i didn’t see her, sadly. But i have some rat stew if you’re hungry.” He politely stated.

“I’m fine.” Amethyst puked out.

“Well nice seeing you!” He waved.

“He seems innocent.” She said as she walked away on her quest to find Penelope. “Well maybe someone who is really jealous of Penelope and her beautiful fluffy tail took her to a cabin.” She kept walking. After 6 minutes her carrot shaped jellybean bag had a hole in it and the jellybeans fell out one by one. She also saw a hut. She peeked inside, there was a strange figure standing there with Penelope…PENELOPE!? She took a closer look at the figure. *Creak* “Huh who’s there!” the figure said. She saw the face it looked wrinkled and she had one tooth. It looked like… GRANDMA? “Why would she do this to me?” Amethyst whispered to herself.

“Over here.” someone whispered.

“Mom?” Amethyst asked.

“Your grandma is being crazy. She hates all of us. Let us out before she sees you.”

“Um… Okay sure, Mom.” Amethyst said. “Who are these people?” Amethyst asked.

“Well this is your dad, Joel and your old gramps, Joey. They are so weird.” mom said.

“Oh… Well.. I sure never met them.” Amethyst stated as she walked away to get the key from her grandma. With a half full bag of orange jellybeans she forgot what she was going to do with it so she gave it to her mum. But when she turned around she saw a figure run into the berry bushes.

“Hello?” Amethyst called.

*ring ring* “Oh, Crap!” a voice called out.

“Who is that?” she yelled.

“Um, yeah hi.” the man said. “I’m… a photographer, I’ve been stalking you since 1862.” the man said.

“Well that’s not creepy at all.” she said sarcastically.

“Well I have a gift for you.” He grinned.

To Be Continued…

  3 Responses to “The Adventures of Amethyst, Part 1”

  1. Chooch! This is funny as hell. Keep on writing!!!

  2. So funny– I love it!

  3. Yes, this is extremely funny! Especially the part about the weird relatives and the stalking photographer!!

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