Mar 142016

“Well, WHAT?!” Pearl cried worried.

“She’s not breathing,” Garnet sighed.

Pearl’s eyes grew red and tears flowed down her face. *Beep Boop* A sound approached the creepy hospital.

“Vrob Br Pls,” a weird noise came into the hospital.

“I think there are aliens here!” Pearl cried with tears still flowing down their face.

They peered over at Yuki as she banged her head off the wall.

“Should we leave her?” Garnet asked.

Pearl and Amethyst nodded together.

*Whoosh*  the door slammed open upstairs. *Boom* the creature or thing fell to the ground.

“Should we hide?” Garnet questioned.

“Yeah,” Pearl and Amethyst agreed together.

Garnet walked over into a closet and set Scarlet down. She then ran behind an office desk and hid under. Pearl ran over to a ladder and climbed it. When she reached the top she found the exit. She saw a grey round ship with handles at the bottom. She felt something in her pocket. She reached in and grabbed a walkie-talkie. She turned it on and talked.

Garnet, Amethyst. I think I know what’s happening. I climbed a ladder and I got up to the main floor. I see a green, skinny, black-eyed figure staring at me!”

Okay, we’ll check it out,” Garnet said into the walkie-talkie.

Pearl climbed back down and there was another green figure staring at her.

“Arrest her! This hooman has found our secret! Execute her!” The “ALIEN?” shouted to his guards.

One of the guards had like 7 layers of steel armor. The other had a vest on.

All I wanted was to give Penelope some orange jellybeans. God!” Amethyst thought herself.

“There’s more of them I can smell them!” the Alien Lord shouted.

He walked over to the closet. Scarlet fell out and hit her skull off the floor. She started to breathe. Thank god!

“Told you! There’s more of them! Find them all!” the lord bragged.

He looked over at Penelope and Yuki.

“Capture that beast and hooman, NOW!” he demanded.

Penelope hopped around and dodged the rope and cuffs. Yuki had tantrum and hit the guard. The guard fell, cracked his green skull open on the asphalt ground. The blood was green. It was everywhere.

  One Response to “The Adventures of Amethyst: Part 6”

  1. I am very impressed with the ability of these folks to be able to identify aliens from just their weird noises alone. I also enjoy the descriptions of the aliens, especially the fact that their blood is green. Very creepy! Well done, please keep going!

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