Mar 222016

“I, the great commander, Haza, will run this ship! My friends may know me as Scarlet. They left me behind,” “Haza” announced.

“They locked me in a locker, then Izuqi found me and we fell in love.”

“Anyways, they left me in there and didn’t take care of me,”

“Weirdo,” Garnet whispered.

“Silence! Or I’ll execute you!” Haza threatened.

Aliens gasped.

“Geez!” Garnet added.

“Alright! Take her to the chamber!” Haza screamed.

“Goed, baaws,” the guard answered.

“What!?” Garnet sighed.

“We’ll make it a slow, painful death for talking again!” Haza demanded

*Boom!* A big loud bang exploded outside. Penelope peeked. It was blank. No leaves, no building, no… ANYTHING! A nuke dropped!

“OH… MY… GOD!” Pearl gasped.

“Ons het voorberei!” The guard announced.

“He said “We came prepared”,” Haza translated.

Pearl saw a flyer for Warped Tour and gave it to the guard.

“Wat is hierdie?” He questioned.

*Neigh! Neigh!*

“I’m a Unicorn!” a PINK voice called out.

Pearl looked outside and face-palmed.

“It’s Yuki. She’s being too kawaii!” Pearl looked away.

“Notice me senpai!” Yuki announced.

“Anyways. Execute Garnet!” Haza demanded.

Garnet started to cry. She turned into a psychopath. She kicked the guards in the shin, and ankle. She turned her head at Haza, and plummeted at her.

“Get off of me!” Haza cried.

Ja afklim van haar!” the guard defended Haza.

“By the way his name is Owadu,” Haza stated.

“Ja!” Owadu nodded.

Pearl looked at her chest, and looked back up. She frowned at Haza. She pulled out a balloon, took a needle, and popped it.


“What the heck!” Haza judged.

“I want to say a speech,” Pearl stated.

“Go ahead!” Haza welcomed.


“Okay you’re done. Nice speech!” Haza clapped.

“Hey be nice to her she’s your friend!” Amethyst punched her fist.

“She WAS my friend,” Haza stated.

“Can I join the fight?”

  One Response to “The Adventures of Amethyst: Part 8”

  1. The discovery of the Warped Tour flyer was my favorite part. That seems like it could be a useful distraction at a later point in the story.

    Also, great job creating a new language for the aliens!

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