Jul 262009


Evonne thought it would be dandier than antidisestablishmentarianism to see Henry hang upside down while doing something nice for me.

I wanted him to do a  real headstand. I was willing to help him achieve this.

“Can’t you like do a tri-pod near a wall? And then I can pull your legs up and you’ll be upside down. Can you even do a tri-pod?”

“Yeah, when I was SEVEN.”

(Bitch, I can still do one now, no need to shout at me.)

So this was his lame effort at hanging upside down and doing something nice for me. Presenting me with a fake black rose that I kept as a souvenir from a haunted house.

Afterward, Henry stayed in that position for an alarmingly long amount of time. We was startin’ to get worried up in here.

Furthermore, I think antidisestablishmentarianism should be the new mother cuss word. Forget shitfuckcuntassholemotherfuckerhobag. That’s yesteryear’s slur.

  2 Responses to “#41 Henry Hangs Half-Assedly”

  1. My fatigued comment was “Um..ok. Good nuf”

    But, nooooo… John sez “Must. Do. BETTER!”

    He’s such an ass….But don’t tell him I said so.

    Thanks Henry!!!

  2. Hahahahha, yeaaaaah.


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