Jun 162016

I haven’t been painting or anything at all lately because there has been so much going on in life and if only there was one extra hour in a day, you know. But after an emotional Friday night, I woke up the next day ready to paint my way through it.

I’ve been wanting to paint a portrait of my Pappap for some time now, and I found a really great picture of him from the late 70s / early 80s that I knew right away was the one I needed to recreate.

Chooch, my most honest and unapologetic critic, said with legit sincerity that this is my “best one yet.” Which I of course twisted around and cried, “OMG so you think all of my other ones suck then?!” And he just sighed and walked away.

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Because life with a bipolar Leo, amirite?

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(It honestly barely looks like him, but it’s still going on my wall.)

And then I took advantage of the fire under my ass and finally finished the third installment of the nursery paintings that Wendy requested. Slumps are no fun.


  4 Responses to “art interlude. ”

  1. Erin, OMG! Your nursery paintings are AMAZING! While I’m a super fan of all your art and photographs, these are so different from anything I’ve seen you create. And your Pap Pap would love his painting. Hell, we should all have you paint us cuz Lord knows I can’t selfie worth a shit. Just wanted to give you some support to keep it up! Your art is so unique and of such high quality. XO

    • Ahhhhh this came at the perfect time — thank you for the support and uplifting words, Kristen!!

      • Just keeping doing. What you are doing. Your art is seriously so unique and intriguing. And I look forward to every post. I’ll email you tomorrow with my thoughts about the house. Thank you for posting so much, I know how hard it is for you.

  2. I love this painting of your Pappap. And I think of all the things he might have said about it. All positive. And probably he would have hung it somewhere in that house. <3

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