Jan 272008

I joined some music communities on my Blackberry and now my phone is incessantly chiming with new text messages. Henry is about as thrilled as someone enduring Chinese Water Torture: Auditory Edition.

"Ha, this person is 16," I laughed. "And petewentzwife94 is only 13." Petewentzwife94 and I exchanged some heavy texts earlier today. Her mom worked with the cousin of one of the cast members from "The Office", but she didn’t know which one. Then Emo Sean kept trying to sex us.

"Well, yeah. What, did you think there would be adults in the Beautifully Emo community?" Henry then shoved me out of the way so he could dress Chooch while I busily read my deluge of very intelligent texts.

I love my Blackberry.



  5 Responses to “Heyz ev1”

  1. i feel the urge to get a cellular device now.

    • I officially quit the punkrockfans group. It was just getting too intense, u no? After the whole debacle with Dani26 hounding MidnightEclipse for her pic, it was just kind of awkward.

  2. I feel less special now. Thanks jerk.

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