Aug 052009

Henry broke my blog. It makes writing things difficult. And replying to comments impossible. I’m not even sure if notification emails are going out because he changed plug-ins for that. Also, he broke my Outlook too. It’s amazing how disoriented two seemingly insignifcant changes can make a girl like me feel. Anyway, here have some stupid tweets.

  • Henry broke my ability to reply to comments on my blog. I promise I’m not turning into one of those of those “too-good-to-reply” douchepies.30 minutes ago from TwitterBerry
  • Henry likes watching the local news because there’s always a good chance someone will be speaking in his beloved double negatives.about 10 hours ago from TwitterBerry    
  • Do not like it when random shooting sprees occur this close to home.about 11 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  • Starting to get amped for the haunted house season. And by amped, I mean amputated. (Obviously.)about 23 hours ago from TwitterBerry     
  • Proud mom moment: Chooch heard 10 seconds of the intro to the Cure’s “If Only Tonight…” & without me telling him, he whispered, “Robert.”9:05 AM Aug 4th from TwitterBerry     
  • Chooch goes “look,one of those idiot guys” I’m like “?” Then I notice who he’s pointing @ & I have to learn him that it’s INDIAN not IDIOT.8:49 PM Aug 3rd from TwitterBerry     
  • Henry erased my drawing on the board @ his office, despite my desperate pleas to preserve art. WHY HENRY WHY.8:28 PM Aug 3rd from TwitterBerry    
  • Chooch on the current: watching Ferris Bueller and eating chicken nuggets with a spork.12:49 PM Aug 3rd from web     
  • My first Etsy Dark Team Freaky Feature is @MrsEvils! Please go check it out, she’s fabulous! PM Aug 3rd from AddToAny
  • RT @craigeryowens: HELP ME POST MY 1ST SOLO TRACK!!! It’ll be posted the moment #CraigOwensEpSept15th reaches a spot in trending topics. RT!11:48 AM Aug 3rd from UberTwitter     
  • Hey did you know that Steelers training camp is going on? I think I might have heard something about that. 56325685 million somethings.6:07 AM Aug 3rd from TwitterBerry
  • Thinking about my pressing need for a German amputee is obviously more important than sleeping at this point.5:34 AM Aug 3rd from TwitterBerry     
  • Glad to have impromptu Wolf Creek flashbacks (which I haven’t even seen in over 3yrs) as I’m trying to fall asleep. A+ ending to the day!1:36 AM Aug 3rd from TwitterBerry  
  • FUCK MY EMAIL. And fuck Blogathon for making me and my sponsors jump through goddamn hoops.12:23 AM Aug 3rd from web
  • – I not tired! I not.9:27 PM Aug 2nd from TwitPic     
  • Shit, every time I leave for the day, Henry has a dinner party. So the sink tells me, anyhow.9:17 PM Aug 2nd from web     
  • Alisha’s neighbor is grilling animal and it’s blowing RIGHT ON ME.6:53 PM Aug 2nd from TwitterBerry     
  • All mirrors should be as flattering as the one in this Taco Bell bathroom.5:55 PM Aug 2nd from TwitterBerry
  • Alisha and I created no less than 4 murder scenarios for ourselves today. (So far.)5:53 PM Aug 2nd from TwitterBerry     
  • @Citizen_Lazlo I’m only allowed to use butter knives.1:17 PM Aug 2nd from TwitterBerry     
  • WordPress can suck a dick today.1:13 PM Aug 2nd from TwitterBerry     
  • Me: “Why does Chooch get a bird’s eye for breakfast & I just get a regular egg??” Henry: “Because he’s 3 and you’re 30.” Not a good excuse.11:57 AM Aug 2nd from web     
  • Hay look @ the dumb! ben franklin’s big debut: Since last fall, I’ve been a prou.. AM Aug 2nd from twitterfeed     
  • Or at least added some floral arrangements to their gaping eye sockets.12:59 AM Aug 2nd from TwitterBerry     
  • Maybe my dining room wouldn’t look so messy if I got rid of the decomposing bodies slumped around the table.12:58 AM Aug 2nd from TwitterBerry     
  • Hay look @ the dumb! The Giglife Tour: All I wanted for my birthday was to go to the Giglife.. PM Aug 1st from twitterfeed     
  • My mom was spouting off her conspiracy theories again today. I hung up on her & now she’s back in the ER. I can’t handle this. At all.8:17 PM Aug 1st from TwitterBerry    
  • “Hooked on a Feeling” is on now, and its Henry’s turn to feel nostalgic. For prom. Because he’s old, get it.7:16 PM Aug 1st from TwitterBerry     
  • Eating coleslaw at Blue Flame while “You’re the Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me” plays, I flashbacked to my childhood & am now sad.7:14 PM Aug 1st from TwitterBerry    
  • – Henry wants everyone to know that he never had to slide his glasses down to read until I broke them.7:01 PM Aug 1st from TwitPic     
  • Holy shit, Henry’s taking me to dinner for my birthday. I can’t remember the last time that happened!4:56 PM Aug 1st from TwitterBerry     
  • Weekends mean I can have tomato on my sandwich. (Because Henry’s home to slice that bitch for me.)12:37 PM Aug 1st from TwitterBerry     
  • I wonder who my mother had to antagonize all those months when I wasn’t speaking to her.11:05 AM Aug 1st from TwitterBerry     
  • Chooch fell off a rocking chair & it landed on top of him like a cage. It was a good look for him.8:27 PM Jul 31st from TwitterBerry    
  • I’m the 1st positive drug test result in all the years my manager has been at FedEx; he doesn’t know how to proceed. GLAD IT COULD BE ME!!!4:59 PM Jul 31st from TwitterBerry     
  • I feel like I’m in a Degrassi episode right now. I wish I had Emma and Manny here to help me clear my name!4:57 PM Jul 31st from TwitterBerry    
  • Hey, you know what’s awesome? Testing positive for marijuana when you haven’t smoked pot in about 10 years.2:41 PM Jul 31st from TwitterBerry     
  • So flattered to have one of my appledale photos included in this Photographers of Etsy post: PM Jul 31st from web     
  • – Ramen time.12:13 PM Jul 31st from TwitPic     
  • The fact that I slept with a bunch of blocks under my pillow makes me think that maybe I’m really NOT a princess. Shoot.9:13 AM Jul 31st from TwitterBerry
  • Henry J. Robbins: is not OK, ever, with his girlfriends cuddling with other dudes on a hammock. Just say no to hammock-play.12:05 AM Jul 31st from TwitterBerry      

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    1. I hate when all my stuff gets a virus because I have gone over-board on the porn surfing.Sucks.

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