Aug 102009

Daisybones tagged me for a Random meme. I haven’t been tagged for anything in the blogworld outside of LiveJournal so it took me nearly a week just to discover that my blog is now a woman.

So I guess now here are 7 randoms about Erin Rachelle Kelly:

  1. My favorite way to bond with someone is through music, and I often tend to be much closer with those people in the end.
  2. I rarely “get over” things, people-wise, but I go through material obsessions like a bumblegum-popper fanning herself with BOP magazine.
  3. I’m most content in fall, especially when sated with horror movies.
  4. I once pole-vaulted with a hockey stick over a French kid.
  5. I wear the same perfume I wore in high school.
  6. No one makes me laugh harder than my kid.
  7. Right now I am literally FEENIN’ for the Westmoreland County Fair.

OMG now I get to tag people.

  4 Responses to “random meme”

  1. OMG #3: me too! I don’t think there’s anything more exciting than the fall!! That’s why we picked our wedding date to be October 25. Almost Halloween, but not quite! :o)

  2. crap, I better get to work on this!

  3. What kind of perfume? I’m curious. A “signature scent” is like the holy grail quest of my life. I had it (H20’s Green Tea) but they QUIT MAKING IT ZOMG FML!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ally – If Henry EVER ASKS, I’d definitely choose October for a wedding, too. The foliage would make the best backdrop for photos!

    Andrea – chop chop!

    Heidi – thanks for tagging me! I still wear Versace’s Red Jeans. I have to buy it from perfume graveyards online because it was discontinued. I also still wear YSL’s Champagne. I love perfume!

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