Sep 262016

Here are some random photos of my kid around town from last weekend.

This is his kind of cat.

Brookline’s lit every Sunday at 6.

This is a mural behind Las Palmas, a Mexican grocery store that lures hipsters to Brookline in droves thanks to its famous taco cart. It used to just be some kind of garage door thing but then what I can assume was an ardent, brain cell-minimalist Trump supporter spray-painted some gross racial sentiment on it, something like “go back to Mexico” but maybe worse. Fucking assholes. Anyway, this beautiful mural was painted with love over top of it.

GTFO with your hate. Maybe go build a wall around your house and never leave it.

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And that’s all. Our weekend was pretty chill and uneventful, which is what I promised Henry after the previous weekend was busting at the seams with all of the things he hates.

How is next weekend the pie party already?!?!

  3 Responses to “Choochtember weekend”

  1. Chooch makes that hat work.

    Why do people actively work to make the world a worse place? Don’t they realize they have to live in that punch bowl they’re throwing turds in?! Love the classy response.

  2. As always, I love your use of color and light. That blue in the doorway, the red of the bricks, and the yellow of the sunflowers with the natural light in that photo. So beautiful, always always.

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