Aug 262009

 Henry had Chooch listening to A Skylit Drive at Hot Topic on Saturday, and lately he’s taken a liking to singing the Chiodos lyrics which are tattooed on my arm, complete with screaming into an imaginary microphone he fashions with his fist.  (And then at the end he dramatically says, “Oh, Chiodos.”)  He comes over to the computer and requests Bayside, Pierce the Veil, Isles and Glaciers, and The Used (which he refers to solely as Bert, because he’s on a first name basis with the singers of all of his favorite bands) and usually only needs to hear a few seconds of a song’s opening to determine who he’s listening to.


When he hears something new, he considers it for a minute and then says, “I’m gonna see them at Warped Tour.” I think this might be the most excited I’ve been since becoming a mother! Aside from Chooch (obviously), music is the most important thing in my life and to be able to share that with him is a fucking dream.

He had me repaint his nails yesterday (much to Henry’s delight), and when I was done, he fanned his fingers out and admired them, then blew on them slightly and murmured, “Just like Bert.”

I’m certain that Chooch will be fronting a post-hardcore band by the time he’s nine. Or at the very least, a metalcore outfit.

His current favorite video:

I love my kid.

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  1. That’s kinda awesome, actually. Like having your own punk rock doll to dress up. Almost makes ME want a kid! (have to be satisfied with my niece born last week, who my sister probably WON’T paint with black nails).

    • I like to let him decide for himself what he likes, you know? I think a lot of parents try too hard to dictate what their kids “should” and “should not” like at any given age. Like, “oh he’s three so he should be listening to children’s music.”

      Henry gets a little frown-y when he comes home and sees black fingernails, but if that’s what my kid wants and it’s because he wants to emulate some singer he saw in a music video, then who am I to say no to that!

      Aw, congrats on the niece! What did your sister name her?

  2. Your kid is so punk! I wish my parents had been as cool as you and Henry, lol.

  3. I love your kid, too!

    That picture is awesome.

  4. Erin, this totally kicks ass!!!
    If more kids were raised this way, this world
    wouldn’t be such a nightmare.
    Music, parents, music. Its the way to go!!

    Awesome post, super mom.

    • Thanks, Kate! I try to keep a balance. I don’t want him to grow up too fast so I still make sure he watches his kid shows (luckily, he gravitates more toward kid-centric sit-coms as opposed to Dora crap, though).

      But I think music is so important. My step-dad and I didn’t always have the greatest relationship, but I will always attribute my love of music to him. He’s the one who got me into the Cure, even though he claims he doesn’t remember, wtf.

  5. “When he hears something new, he considers it for a minute and then says, “I’m gonna see them at Warped Tour.””

    TOLHURST! And that is an AWESOME picture of him up there with the hair and the nails. LOVE.

  6. Great pic Erin!!! And I think its awesome that you let him express himself more parents should let their kids do that.

    • Thanks Julie! I agree. I think often times the stricter and more rigid parents are in the beginning, the more likely their kid is going to rebel. I obviously don’t let my kid EVERYTHING he wants, but I think with something like music and art, it’s important to let him go his own route. There are times when he hears a song on the radio and says, “I love this song, do you mommy?” and I’ll be like, “Well, no, but that doesn’t mean you can’t like it.” That part can be hard for me sometimes! Lol.

  7. So awesome…hes going to hear Pierce the Veil in the Dr’s office in 20 years and get all nostalgic about childhood.

    • That would be CRAZY if that day ever came! He was just asking me this morning why the radio doesn’t play Bayside and Chiodos (at least not here, anyway) and I got to go into my favorite rant – radio bashing. (Though I should be honest and say that I DO like pop music/top 40 as well. I can’t help that!)

  8. he’s gonna look like me when hes older.
    fyi. ha

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