Dec 022016

I always say that I’m picky when it comes to girl singers, and even looking back on my childhood, my mixtapes were predominantly filled with testosterone. So I decided today that I would share of the femme voices that do currently appeal to me, because I’m sick and have little energy for much else.

  1. Petal: because Kiley Lotz is fucking precious. Also, Run For Cover is the best record label that ever labeled.

2. Julien Baker: because just literally thinking of her makes me cry. I started to say her name once to Henry and actually got choked up, which made him say, “OMG” and roll his STUPID BORING EYES.

3. Carly Rae Jepsen: because you knew she was going to be in the mix! Seeing her live (and meeting her, OMG MY HEART) last February was one of the few things that made it to the GOOD column of 2016. Sometimes I wake up and feel so sad that she’s not my BFF. </3 LOVE HER SO MUCH, YOU GET TWO VIDEOS.

4. Angel Olsen: Like her name implies, she is a goddamn angel and why haven’t we rollerskated together yet? (Side note: this was my pick for today’s Friday Video at work and Lauren said she is also now in love with her and also Glenn mumbled, “I like this.” Sometimes I win, you guys!)

5. Fisher: because 1999 vibes. I think I first heard of her back then because of the Great Expectations soundtrack, and then I bought “One” from CD Baby and played this motherfucker out. It was one of my “lay on the floor and cry into my cup of Manischewitz” albums. I saw her once ever, at Club Café with Henry in probably 2002 or something, and cried through the whole thing and then had to stop myself from falling into her and calling her “Mom” while she signed my CD.

6. Paramore: because I could listen to Hayley Williams sing Henry’s grocery list. And not to be That Guy, but I have been a Paramore fan since the first album (“Conspiracy” was a ringtone on my pink Motorola Razr, lol), when they were a scene band, and Hayley just gets better and better. For a while there, I would have to turn the channel anytime Zedd’s “Stay the Night” came on the radio because I would start crying – there is something about her voice that makes me feel like a bag of bricks has been dropped on my chest, and I mean that as the greatest compliment. Anyway, “Decode” will forever be my favorite Paramore song, and I especially love the Unplugged version because her voice is SO RAW AND FULL OF SADNESS HELP ME I’M CRYING RIGHT NOW.

7. CHVRCHES: because Lauren Mayberry’s elven space-voice paired with synth is like a dream come true for this synthpop fool over here. (Synthpop is my favorite music genre, thanks for asking.)

        8. PVRIS: because Lynn Gunn sounds      like no one else and mesmerizes me every time I see them live. The last time I saw PVRIS, I wept so hard that I gave myself hiccups what is wrong with me OR IS IT ALL JUST OH SO RIGHT? 

OK, that’s all for now because I feel like I’m losing consciousness. #WhenErinHasaCold I expect that you will watch each and every one of these videos! Lol. J/K. DO OR DON’T, I DON’T CARE, UGH.

P.S. Now that I’m thinking of it, Zedd’s “Clarity” ft. Foxes also made me ugly cry a lot when I would hear it on the radio, probably because IT REMINDS ME OF DUMB HENRY.

P.P.S. My all-time favorite female singer is Barbra Streisand, no shame.  #Babs4Lyfe #guilty



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  1. I admit that I haven’t watched the vids yet but I had to comment bc I just realized what you’ve been doing with your post titles this week lol

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