Dec 052016

My plan for tonight was to finish watching episode two of The Affair and I then write about my mysterious neighbors tonight but then something  weird happened over there and I’m too shaky and flustered to finish that right now so here’s a series of photos that have nothing to do with anything at all.

Peen Lop’s turn with the bow tie.

Current DIY mani. I barely spend any time on my nails anymore like I used to. #2016Blahs

Pretty sure this basic mannequin bitch on TV is jealous of Trudy’s opulence.


Tried to give Chooch a man bun but then remembered I can’t do buns. So, Pebbles it is.


Henry framed my Riot Fest 2016 screenprint and I softly run my fingertips across it every time I walk up and down the steps. The co-founder of Riot Fest, Sean McKeough, passed away last week and I never met the guy, but it broke my heart. That’s one of my people, for sure.


BONUS: Vintage photos of Chooch from 2006, because how has 10 years gone. Y already??!!:


Early stages of our competitive relationship. WHO CAN SWING HIGHER?!

(He still sucks at swinging, FYI.)


Ugh when I see these old pictures of him, I’m like, “HEY HENRY….???” But then I remember how shitty my pregnancy was and I just laugh it off psychotically. Maybe someday we’ll get a foreign exchange student?

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