Oct 012009

Last August, I began speaking to my ex-bff Christina again. The months we didn’t speak provided an opportunity for me to properly cool down and get over the issue that started this whole dramafest.

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But the best part about it is that she is SO APOLOGETIC and willing to do whatever it takes to earn my full forgiveness.

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I mean, I guess that was always the way our friendship worked, but who’s keeping track.

We haven’t seen each other since last March, but she’s here now and in a few hours we’ll be leaving for Cleveland to see Brand New as a way-belated birthday present since she wasn’t around for the actual, incredibly anti-climatic birthday in July.

But first, in an effort to punish her a little further, I had her stuff herself into an old lady dress, pour fake blood on her face, and stand barefoot in my front yard in 40 degree temperatures at midnight.

2009 Sep 30 020

2009 Sep 30 019

2009 Sep 30 034

2009 Sep 30 015

2009 Sep 30 047

My favorite part was when my neighbor who hates me came home from work to see me squatting in the front yard with spot lights, fake blood, and an obvious-lesbian made grotesquely (and begrudgingly) effeminate with the help of a .

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99 thrift store dress.

  12 Responses to “Granny’s Got a Secret”

  1. OMG. I LOVE THIS!!!! You guys both rule, in my opinion.

  2. These are great. AND lol, I didn’t notice Nic in that last picture right away (when I saw them on facebook).

  3. Really great job Erin. You remind me a bit of myself.My husband calls me “The punisher” because if someone does me wrong I must punish them severely.Then I might think about if I could forgive them.The first and last pictures are my favorite.

    • Thanks, Misty!

      I’m all for giving people second (and in Christina’s case, fifty billion) chances, but some people’s actions demand punishment. It’ll take me a long time to trust her again, and she’s reminded of that quite often, lol.

  4. I’m afraid of you. You have way too much freaky talent. :::smooch:::

  5. Jesus, Erin, I don’t think I will be sleeping much tonight. How creepy was that!

  6. These pictures really are so creepy and awesome. You’re ideas are always so creative, and I love seeing them in photo form.

  7. *your ideas

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