Feb 142008

Happy Valentine’s Day! So far, Henry hasn’t made me want to kill myself. I finally got to present him with the Vietnam Veteran belt buckle I bought him from etsy. It’s flooding with gold-plated hokeyness. When it fell out of the bag and into his palms, he kind of stared at it with that amazing brand of disbelief that you hope every gift recipient is addled with, and then he looked at me, his mustache creeping into a confused smile, and he said, "But I wasn’t in Vietnam….?"

"But you were in THE SERVICE! Same thing." I was still standing there, waiting for him to attach it to his belt.

"No, if this said Air Force, that would make sense. Then it would be the Service…" He flipped it over to look at the lavishly coated back.

"Well, just wear it. No one will know you’re not a Vietnam Vet." I was getting annoyed, and I really wanted MY present.

"Yes they will! I’m like, twenty years too young!" And then I couldn’t stop laughing, imagining Henry being "too young" for something.

"Like I said," I repeated, "no one will notice!"

And then he realized he doesn’t have the right kind of belt for a buckle, but I think he was trying to just get out of wearing it. I knew I should have bought the rainbow one that had "JESUS" emblazoned on it.

Then UPS hurled my present against the front door. Henry, further enabling my wanton lust for living in the past, gifted me with a bottle of Versace Red Jeans, one of my favorite scents as a young slut. The gift box was adorned with an elastic red ribbon, which is now being worn as a headband, so I’m pretty content right now.

And we’re going to Columbus next weekend! This sure beats the time he bought me a Fossil watch for Valentine’s Day, using a gift card my mom got me for Christmas.

  23 Responses to “A Very Non-Suicidal V-Day”

  1. Ha!! Happy Valentine’s Day, crazy lady! *smooches*

  2. happy vagynatines day!

  3. Please take pictures of my children. kthx.

  4. I still can’t get over you got me what I always wanted.I just wish it was bigger and had rhinestones on it and maybe a matching necklace for you.One that says “Vet Ho!”

  5. 1st of all: that photOG is wonderful. it’s art.
    #2: your child is a stud.
    #3: i want to see henry in that buckle.
    #4: good job on the versace red jeans, henry! though- it may backfire on him.

    happy valentine’s day!

  6. I love that picture of Chooch. The selective color thing works very very well with this one and it’d still be a great pic no matter what. He’s a “sweetheart”.

  7. That picture is gorgeous. <3

    Happy Valentine’s Day sweetie!

  8. Gah, hes such a cutie.

    Whoo for slutty perfume! Go Henry!

  9. 1. This entire post is cracking me the fuck up so bad. Why do I laugh at THE SERVICE so much?

    2. One of the best pictures of Riley this year!!!!!!!!!

    • I dunno, but I’m glad you do so I’m not alone in my laughter! It’s funniest when you picture Henry thinking he’s so hardcore because he was in it, but then when you actually meet him, you’re like, “HAHA, but he’s a dork!”

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