Feb 142008

"No Ordinary Love" by Sade was one of many songs that I played continuously in my awesome Aiwa tape deck while balled up on the purple carpeting of my bedroom floor and crying real tears over all the mushroom-topped crushes who didn’t return the crushing. I think it might have been tied with the B-side to Sophie B. Hawkin’s "Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover" as the perfect background music to many brooding sessions, but that’s another story.

Sixteen years later and that song is still so timeless. Even on a good day, if I hear it, it evokes that tugging sensation in my chest and I’m sulking all over again over the Joshes and Scotts of my junior high fantasties. It’s the kind of song that, if you’re alone, it makes you want to die. But when you’re with someone, it’s fucking perfect.

The Deftones covered this song a few years ago. Usually I turn my nose up at covers, but Chino does a cover right. The Deftones are one of the few bands that can cover the Cure with verve and panache, too, but for now, I’ll stick with sharing their cover of Sade.  

I didn’t feel like uploading my mp3 of the song, so here’s some gay You Tube video someone made showcasing a lovely pair of hands. I guess to illustrate that this song makes them want to hold hands? Rape hands? Be a hand model?

What are your songs like this, the ones you put on to torture yourself?

Happy Valentine’s Day, Internet. Now go get laid.


  14 Responses to “It doesn’t hurt to participate”

  1. Damn, I never knew they covered that. I like it, I like it.

    I think my pick for Valentines Day would have to be any Maxwell album.

  2. you put this on the first mix cd you ever made for me…
    oh the memories.

    my bff makes the best mix cds’s EVAR.
    just 4 the record.

    “Happy Valentine’s Day, Internet. Now go get laid.”
    the entire internetz has a better chance than i do.
    bastard internet.

  3. Aw, that’s a good Valentine’s present!

    I remember this song from back then, I’m sure it’s on a mix tape or two you made me. I always liked this one a lot.

  4. Jonah Matranga is in on this mix somehow too.

    When I used to get all jizzy over Onelinedrawing (and Far, and New End Original) this song was one of my faves.

    As soon as I read Sade I started humming it.

    I knew we were friends for a reason!

  5. What? The Deftones covered The Cure?!

    The singer from Fates Warning did, too. He did “Fascination Street.”

    Today, I have undertaken the huge task of ripping ALL my Cure to the new iPod. Holy shit I have a lot of Cure. Apparently I had to buy every single damn mix and remix and single back in the day.

    • They did and it’s actually a really interesting version of “If Only Tonight We Could Sleep.” I’ll send it to you!

      How’s the Fates Warning cover? “Fascination Street” is one of my faves!

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