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There are a bunch of things I want to write about, like Thanksgiving blah-blah, the magnets you guys have sent, and one of those lame flash fiction thingalings, but all I want to do is lay on the couch and read.

It always works that way. I can have nothing on my plate and no desire to relax with a book.

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A hundred things I need to do, though, and you can be sure all I want to do is blow off responsibility and do word searches, give my brain a rest before it starts blueprinting the apocalypse.

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So for now have a picture of Chooch. He posed like this on his own and I was like “WTF are you doing, freak. This isn’t a Gymboree catalogue.

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Also I’m posting this from my phone so god only knows how the photo will format.

Now I need to go back to reading, taking breaks only to add shit to my Christmas wish list. (Chooch and I really want a Dippin’ Dot ice cream maker and not just so I can mastermind hideous flavor combos for Henry and Janna.)

(So I can stuff Alisha’s pillowcase with cherry-flavored dots.)

  15 Responses to “Chooch Catches the Modeling Bug & other uninteresting tales”

  1. I get the same way when I’m overwhelmed… It’s like my brain has an emergency shut-off mechanism!

    I like Chooch’s blue gloves, and yes, he does look like he’s posing for a Gymboree catalogue, or maybe even Crewcuts. :o) Too funny!

    • “It’s like my brain has an emergency shut-off mechanism!”

      Yes! That’s a really good way to put it. I just can’t handle responsibilties and priorities right now. Thank god MTV just premiered Jersey Shore because that is good, grade A mindless entertainment.

      Plus those people make me feel good about myself.

      • I’m so pissed I missed it!! I wanted to see it, especially after I became addicted to Real Housewives of NJ… Luckily it’s MTV and they’ll probably play a bazillion repeats. :o)

        • They’ve already played it about five times on MTV Canada and it just premiered like three days ago. I’m looking forward to it too!

  2. Love it! I’m doing the same thing this week. Hating work and avoiding going in by playing Montazuma 2 on my phone. I have at least 400 unfinished projects that need to be finished RIGHT NOW. I think I’ll sleep all weekend instead.

    • I’ve been playing Parking Lot (which was intended for Chooch and now we fight over it) and Fling which are both super fun. I hate getting sucked up into games! I find myself playing them in the car now while Henry’s driving and then I wonder later why I have such a horrible headache. Lol!

  3. What are you reading?

    • I’m a loser and started reading the House of Night series. I just finished the second, and am also reading Drop Shot by Harlan Coben, my favorite thriller author. I don’t think my brain can tolerate anything heavier than that right now, lol!

      • “I don’t think my brain can tolerate anything heavier than that right now, lol!”

        That’s exactly why I’m reading Eclipse right now. :( lol.

        How are the House of Night books? I’m totally lost in the young adult section. Where are all the Sweet Valley High books!?

        • For the demographic they’re written for, they’re decent. Kind of like Twilight and Harry Potter mashed together. For me though, it’s hard to picture the characters as vampires. They’re more like witches. It’s a mom and daughter writing these together, and the fact that they’re trying to make the kids sound “hip” and “cool” is so blatant that it comes off as annoying and dorky. That’s my main gripe with it. Like, the main character will go off on these lame asides, and actually say/think “hee hee” and it makes me want to punch her, lol. And in one part, the main girl sand her friends crack up because someone says “cock.” There’s a lot of PSAs thrown in there too.

          They’re super quick reads though, and interesting enough to make me want to read the rest of the series now that I’ve invested time in the first two.

          I have issues with Twilight too, but I will say that that series is better/darker than House of Night. Oh, and Zoey – the main girl, is similar to Bella in that she comes to a new school and is immediately the hottest thing ever, becomes super popular, and has like, three of the hottest guys vying for her affection. It makes me want to write a YA series where the main character is an ugly piece of shit and dies alone at the end.

  4. I read the first couple of pages of Marked on Amazon and I definitely see what you’re saying about the ‘cool’ dialogue. If I can see it at the library I’ll pick it up.

    That whole Mary Sue thing in Twilight drives me up the wall. But it does make it easier to completely Bella. You should TOTALLY write a YA novel!! I’m serious. You have great ideas, loads of talent, and just the right mix of edginess and immaturity to speak to that audience. If Stephenie Meyer can do it, you’d have no problem.

    I’m kind of annoyed right now because I want to read Hush, Hush and Fallen (they’re Twilight, with angels!) but my library hasn’t picked them up yet. I don’t want to spend real money on this crap!

    • completely *ignore* Bella…

    • I’ve never heard of that angel series, but that sounds like a refreshing departure from vampires. Now I want to read those, too. THANKS Jenn. I’m never going to grow up!

      Speaking of angels, do you watch Supernatural?

      • Those books are actually the first books in TWO different angel series! I’ll probably buy Hush, Hush when I go Christmas shopping, because I always buy a gift for myself too. Sometimes several. I probably wouldn’t even bother to shop for other people if there wasn’t something in it for me.

        Noooo, I don’t! I have the first season on DVD but that’s a show that it seems like you have to watch it in order. I hear really really good things about it. Maybe I’ll marathon it after therapy’s over and I have nothing to do but lie in bed all day!

        • Oh you’ll love it! I enjoyed the first season, but it really keeps getting better and darker. And the writing is actually really witty, too.

          There are some stand alone episodes that don’t really follow the central plot, but it does help to watch it in sequence.

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