Jun 282018

Let’s catch up with Chooch! I asked him some questions and then made him do all the typing because I typed all day at work and I AM DONE TYPING FOR THE DAY.

Latest Injury: Well, my latest injury happened on the 26th of June. A little backstory, I was with my friends, lets call them Kyle and Joe, when we decided to ride our bikes and scooters up to the boulevard. After riding up there, we hung out at the Cannon. I noticed my other friend, Bob with his two other brothers, wearing their helmets and dressed all nice, riding their bikes past the cannon. I called for them and they said they were heading for the park to go for a hike. We all tagged along, we started from a group of 3, then doubling to 6. Upon getting to the trail entrance, we split ourselves up into two troops. I was in Troop 1, with Kyle and Bob. We set our rides on the outside of the trail then continued forward. After hiking for a while, we made it to a clearing filled with weeds and tall grasses. We followed a path up a steep hill and we, Troop 1 was far ahead. So, we decided to hide from the opposing troop. I hid behind a tree, as the others did, but I felt like I wasn’t hidden as well. I jumped down deeper into the woods, then felt a pain in my foot. I fell to the ground and called out in pain. Everyone doubted at first, but they soon came to understand that I wasn’t lying. Troop 2 caught up and noticed me holding in the tears. I showed them all the bottom of my shoe, and they all saw it, too. The bottom of a glass shard pierced through. After unlacing my shoe we all saw the glass poking out. I took my sock off, and the oldest kid there said to tie it around the wound to put pressure. As they tried to get the glass out of my shoe, one of my friends called their dad to see if they could come get us, but we were in the middle of the woods, not really knowing where to go. His dad refused, so we just put my shoe back on, then tried to find our way out. I was in a Summer Program before, and we took this trail to get to the local park. We took it often and I kind of remember some of the areas we walked through. We made our way out to the park, and luckily the park had a Rec Center. So I made my way there, stumbling on every 10 steps. I opened the door and told the lady working there. She gave me a band-aid and had me apply some antibiotics on the cut. I threw away my sock and put my shoe back on. I grabbed my scooter from Kyle, then noticed that my other friend, Joe ditched us and went home. Kyle and I started to head home, too. We said goodbye to Bob and his brothers, then rode off into the busy Boulevard streets.

Current Favorite Song: My current favorite song is Empty by Boyinaband & Jaiden.

Current Favorite KPOP Song: My current favorite Kpop song is Energetic by Wanna One.

Favorite Memory From KCON Weekend: My favorite memory from Kcon Weekend is when I peed all over the Hotel Hallway floor! XD

What If Henry Was Into Fishing, Would You Go With Him, Ew Gross: Ha Ha! No! Maybe. Depends on if I like him at that time, and if we put the fish back.

Most-Missed Part of 6th Grade: Nothing. Maybe, my Math teacher I won’t have next year.

Least-Missed Part of 6th Grade: Ms. ~OH I’M SORRY! DR. Smith.

Favorite Thing You Ate In Korea: Tteokbokki! I loved the spiciness that was in there. It was just so tasty in my mouth! Especially the twig-um and the Tteok Kkochi (Tteokbokki on a skewer)!

If You Could Be Any Character On How I Met Your Mother, Who Would It Be and Why? I would be Barney because I love his sense of humor and personality. He is just my favorite character in general. I also liked how he would just stop listening in the middle of a conversation! Just like me!

Closing Thoughts, Advice To The Readers, Freeform: Audience, have a nice day, or night, and do something cool! Like walk around your block and pet some dogs! Adios!

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