Mar 062008



This inspires me to start my own squad1. A squad that pillages neighborhoods, tagging our squad name on smooth potato-looking stones. It’ll be the Oh Honestly Squad. There might even be pins someday. No one will fuck with us. Bars worldwide will be naming drinks after us.


If you want in, sign up below. Then start tagging rocks with vulgarities and nuclear threats2 and then send me the pictures3. It’ll be the best fun you’ve never had.

[1]: This was after I realized that stone didn’t actually say "squid." Previously, I was all about getting a pet squid but now I see the ridiculousness of that and have moved on to the squad thing. Maybe our tag should have "squid" in it?

[2]: Make sure it can’t be traced back to me. I’m not going to jail for you.

[3]: I’m not funnin’. I really want enough pictures to warrant its own set on flickr.

[x]: This post translates into "I have nothing better to look forward to, save me."

  14 Responses to “Don’t forget your Sharpie!!”

  1. No, you should have everyone tag your blog address on the stones!

  2. First I have to find stones. I don’t think those exist in Anaslime, Ca anymore.


  3. I’m in!

    Are we using your blog address?

  4. i will!!!!

  5. You got it!

  6. Me too???

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