Feb 202010


Fourteen years ago today, my pappap died. It doesn’t suck any less, but you know what? What good does it do to sit here and mope and be all darkly nostalgic like I usually am on this day? He wouldn’t want that; he hasn’t wanted that. Christ, I get all somberly reflective about him on any other random day of the year. So this time, on this day, Alisha and I are going to Cleveland to see The Used and I think that’s exactly what I need.

This past week can be shoved in the FML bin, but I’m going to make today awesome.

  5 Responses to “14 Years”

  1. Good! Have a great time today. I’m sure you deserve it. =)

  2. I love your Pappap pictures and posts best of all.

    I am certain he checked in on you because he felt the grief coming off you, and then when he saw that you were off to The Used, he was pleased.

    • Thank you, Alyson. I love talking/writing about him. That’s how I know I’m getting better at letting go of the grief, because remembering him makes me smile.

      I still cry about it, but I feel better afterward instead of worse!

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