Mar 042019

So many good songs dropped over the last several days that I have no choice but to share them on here today. Seriously, no choice. It must be done.

And the first one on my list is this new one from SHINee’s Key, which came out the day before his military enlistment (*tears*) and features Soyeon from (G)i-dle. The first word that came to mind when watching this MV last night was “smooth.” It goes down smooth like honey and the color palette is, oh my god I’m going to sound like some prattish lifestyle blogger here, inspiring. I want a room with green and black orb things protruding from the wall now and my house is definitely lacking in the red department. HENRY, GET THEE TO HOME DEPOT.

We went rollerskating yesterday and THIS is what was missing. This would be such a cool mid-tempo jam to glide around to. Dumb American skating rinks.

Since that last song featured Soyeon, let’s talk about her group’s new comeback song! Henry is on the fence with it, but the more I hear it, the more I love it. Really, I just love Soyeon.

I never really liked or disliked Spanish music before (I mean, I liked Shakira for a hot sec though) but there is some kind of magic that happens when Korea meets Spain, man. It just works somehow! So far, I have really loved all of (G)i-dle’s music – I love how their effortless edginess, their concepts, Soyeon’s rapping, and that interesting “fwoofwoo” sound that they make in this song and also in HANN. What is that!? I don’t know, but it sounds cool and unlike anything else, and it’s so much better than just saying “lalalala” or “Whoa.”

Next up is a slow-burner coming from JUS2, the new subgroup of Chooch’s favorite Kpop group Got7, featuring JB and Yugyeom.

I am all about this song. It’s so chill! It reminds me of when the local urban radio station had a late night program called Quiet Storm where they played all kinds of slow and smooth r&b and I would lay in bed, that on in the background, writing in my journal about whatever current boy I was essentially preying on.

Look, I love Got7 a lot (not as much as Chooch does, probably) but if these two want to take some more time off to serve up the public with more juicy JUS2 jam sandwiches, I’ll allow it.

This next song is a POWER JAM, my chingu. Henry’s grandson Calvin is here right now and is straight up celebrating while this song plays on the TV. I like to imagine that Shindong and UV are walking next to me, cheering me on the entire way to the trolley platform every morning. (Calvin just put a unicorn headband on me and then, after inspecting it, said “Eh” and toddled away. Oh Calvin, if only you knew how accustomed I am to that reaction.)

And this last song is the killer: Queen Sunmi is back with another awesome song and even better MV full of social media commentary. Those images hit home, man. This was me at one time. I cared so much about the Internet and the image I portrayed, and I was turning into a gross caricature. Everything got so much better in my life and my head when I left Facebook, which I truly believe is the WORST of them all. Instagram is getting there for me, too: I refuse to participate in IG stories. I sometimes go days without posting anything and it doesn’t stress me out like it would have in the past. And even this thing here that I’m writing on – I don’t care who reads it – I mean, if you’re reading it, I do appreciate it but I’m not losing sleep over losing comments; leaving Facebook really makes you realize how disposable you are as a human being–the “out of sight out of mind” mentality people have these days is out of control!

On that note, squirm uncomfortably at how fucking fake the world has become with Sunmi’s beautifully raw “Noir” video:

Well that’s all for this edition of “Erin Posts Kpop Videos for Her Imaginary Blog Audience.” Annyeong, dingdong!

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