Mar 102019

Today is mild, the sun is out, and I am hard-pressed to find anything to complain about. Even though historically, some really bad things have happened in my life during March, I still love this month so much because with it comes the PROMISE OF SPRING. It’s not what I would consider “warm” outside today, but still, when Chooch and I walked to Muddy Cup for some afternoon beverages, I didn’t wear a coat and it was positively FREEING.

Then later on when I was in the car alone, I put on Pierce the Veil just to see how it would make me feel–I discovered them around this same time way back in 2007 on a drive to visit Ex-BFF in Cinci, so this is always The Post-Hardcore Season for me–and I was surprised at just how emotional I became as the very first note dropped. It made me feel super nostalgic (I haven’t listened to any of that old Warped Tour in about two years) but in a really good way, especially with the sun shining and the windows down….I felt like…me. Sometimes I lose myself a little, get buried beneath all the depression and anxiety, but Springtime Erin is always the Best Erin and I am so ready to shake off this winter sadness, bury all the heavy coats and scarves and snow boots, open all the goddamn windows, MAYBE BUY SOME NEW PLANTS!? There is a new botanical joint in Shadyside that I want to check out.

(Sorry, Henry.)

I know that there are some winter stans out there, but I think for the rest of us normal people, the seasonally-affected types, winter was made as a test of wills for us, something that we need to trudge through to ensure we will appreciate even the rainiest of spring nights and slice-the-humidity-with-a-knife summer afternoons.

For me, March is the light at the end of the tunnel and I will forever associate it with hope and relief.

And, Piece the Veil, evidently.

Be still my little post-hardcore heart.


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