Apr 24

#WCW: Twice!

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OK, confession/unpopular opinion time: You might know that Twice was once my ult girl group. But the last song I really liked by them was Likey, which came out in…2017?  Their music just wasn’t grabbing me like it had in the past. (I low key hated Dance the Night Away, please don’t kill me.) Maybe it was a “it’s not you, it’s me” deal, but anyway what I’m trying to say is that my name was starting to rub off my Twice fan club membership card and I’ve had some mild panic growing in the back of my mind.

So when I saw that they were going to have another comeback this month, I was nervous because I always want to love it! It’s so awful to say this, because, you know, GIRL POWER or whatever, but girl group comebacks lately haven’t been captivating me nearly as much as the boys, which is sad because when I first got into kpop, I was such a devout stan of girl groups!

But wow, I am back to straight stanning these nine babes, you guys. They somehow managed to ramp up the maturity while still maintaining their signature upbeat, at-times-twinkling Twice sound and it’s everything I didn’t even know I needed. I must have watched the MV 187 times since it dropped on Monday and every time I get a new favorite part! I love how the video oscillates between the girls looking like they sprung out of a 1997 Delia’s catalogue one minute to modeling the latest Lip Service clubwear. The MV is dark, yet still colorful but more so in a neon edginess, and not in their typical bubblegum brights.

Ok I’ve dropped too many words on this. The whole point is that Twice is back, and they are better than ever. Please enjoy this and support Twice, #WCW always!

P.S. Please give Jihyo a solo, JYP. It’s what the world needs.

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