Jul 202019

Thursday was our last Summer Breakfast Club meeting before Korea break starts! We went super basic and old school and chose Eat n Park which is OK, it gets it done.

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While we were waiting to cross the street to get there, though, some guy in a pickup drove by and yelled, “STOP GROWING UP!” out the window and I panicked because I always assume someone is heckling me, but it turned out it was the proprietor of Parker’s! So we laughed and waved to him – he’s always telling Chooch to stop growing up so fast so it all made sense once we realized who it was.

But then he was stopped in traffic RIGHT IN FRONT OF EAT N PARK and so now he knows we were cheating on his place.

Eat n Park was practically empty but guess who was there?

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TOURETTES!!! This was the first time he and Chooch saw each other since the BIKE INCIDENT. 

That was the most exciting part of breakfast.

My mom came over for a bit after that since I was working from home and something miraculous happened – Drew actually didn’t hide! Drew is super skittish and half the time she doesn’t even recognize her own family, but usually when someone comes over, she trips over herself in mid-air trying to run away and then we won’t see her until hours after the person leaves. But this time, my mom just walked right in because the door was unlocked and I think since there was no knocking, Drew wasn’t set off. She sat under the dining room table for the first few minutes, staring at my mom curiously, but my mom kept dangling her phone charger in the air, until Drew eventually approached with caution. Then my mom fed her like half a bag of treats and Drew let down her guard. Penelope came downstairs a few times too but she’s not the one I was worried about, so now I feel less anxious about leaving them for two weeks. I think they’re going to not miss us at all with my mom being here!

I was so tempted to blow off work yesterday and hide under the coffee table with Drew. Hiding seems like such a sweet plan sometimes.

Speaking of my mom, she got me this precious G-Dragon wine glass for an early birthday present! I can’t keep it on the mantle with my other kpop stuff though because of psycho Drew the acrobat so it’s safely tucked away in my curio cabinet, probably the last place in the house that Drew has not yet figured out how to access.

Last night we finalized one of the last parts of our itinerary by buying Disneysea tickets! I really wasn’t sure that we were going to be able to swing this part of the trip but we found a reasonably-priced flight to Tokyo from Seoul and Henry had already booked a hotel several months ago in hopes that it would pan out.

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I was telling one of my co-workers our itinerary in detail and she was like “I feel exhausted just listening to this” but hey, this is how we vacation, OK?!

I bought a new travel journal too which arrived the other day so now I’m really feeling READY TO GO.

But also not ready at all.

This is my current favorite picture.

Apropros of nothing, but I was recently washing the dishes and got angry at how many bottles of dish soap Henry has scattered around the sink (THREE! all different brands/flavors). I flipped out about in front of Chooch because I swear to god there is always one that IS INSIDE THE SINK WITH ALL THE DIRTY DISHES and one on the counter, and one next to the faucet so I’m forever collecting them and putting them together in a neat row only for Henry to, what, juggle them and them leave them wherever they land?! WHAT DOES HE DO WITH THEM?! Sometimes I will even take two of them and toss them under the sink to get them out of the way but then lo and behold, THEY COME BACK.

Chooch apparently has been having the same concerns about this as me.

“I never even see him buying them,” he said. “Like, where do they come from?”

Does he have a subscription box for dish soap!? What a weird compulsion!

I painted my nails Thursday night and realized that they matched Trudy.

Did I ever tell you guys about the young guy who rides the T with me who kind of resembles Shaggy from Scooby Doo and he smells like carrots? Well, he’s super fucking rude and on Wednesday when the trolley rolled up, he completely cut in front of everyone in line and stood right next to me, waiting for the doors to open and I was like, “Look you Carrot Fuck, I was here first and I am not backing down” so when the doors opened, we ended up both walking on at the same time, shoulder-to-shoulder, and it was so awkward and also super obvious to everyone around that we were silently fighting over who was getting on the damn thing first and I hope to god no one video’d it, like I did the other day when I was walking through the trolley station behind American Psycho and had a prime advantage to document his Perry Wright-From-Big Little Lies-ness, so I just started shooting and then I sent it to Henry with no caption and his response was, “American Psycho?”

And I said, “Yes. But…who’s the psycho now.”

“You, lol,” he answered, because he is a professional answerer of rhetorical questions.

Chooch is really into sheet masks.

I took this yesterday when I was walking across the river on the Northside in the 90 degree heat, which was not great but I really have to walk away from my desk for an hour a day or I will petrify, probably.

That’s all I got for right now, I think. Today is my last language exchange with Jiyong until I come back in August, and then later tonight Janna is taking me out for an early birthday dinner so I’m really looking forward to both of these things except that I just realized I forgot to study one of the lessons Jiyong and I did last week so now I have to hurry up and do that so I don’t look like a STU-P-I-D this afternoon, ugh.

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