Jul 242019

After what felt like five days on the plane with the girl behind me ramming the back of my seat the whole time, we have made it safely to Seoul.

Also, Chooch took one for the team and let me have the window seat so I didn’t have to listen to henry snore!

I am milking this birthday trip for all it’s worth!

The ride from the airport to our hotel was excruciating because we could barely stay awake but then we got a second wind and walked around Hongdae for a bit because I wanted to find Taemin’s birthday billboard and we did!

“This is so embarrassing,” Chooch hissed through gritted teeth.

Then I ordered street food for him and Henry said I sound more confident with my Korean now and I disagree but I will take that compliment!

Chooch won me a stuffed toy from the same balloon game as last year!

Even Henry loves Hongdae.

First of many 바나나 우유!

View from our floor.

안녕 but not for long!

  2 Responses to “Back in ya, Seoul!”

  1. Have fun, guys!

  2. Have a ton of fun and you better come back! I’ll be in PGH in a couple weeks with Tilda. See ya soon.

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