Sep 252019

I need to take a break from my regular postings and share the new Twice song because I think it’s something that WE ALL NEED IN OUR LIVES RIGHT NOW. What I love so much about this song and video is that, when you just listen to the song (or, read the English translation in most of our cases, lol), you’d assume this about a significant other/partner/spouse/crush, etc. But then when you watch the MV, you realize that no, it’s about FRIENDS.

Many of the members of Twice have been publicly going through some hard times lately and I really like that JYP gave them this opportunity to express that artistically. Also, one of the members (Mina) has been recently diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and instead of being all “the show must go on” and forcing her back into the spotlight, JYP made an official announcement over the summer that Mina would be taking time off and even with this recent comeback, she’s in the video and on the album, but has decided to sit the promotions out. Thank you, JYP, for putting the mental and emotional well-being of one of your artists over the business. I can only hope that it sets a precedent for more of the agencies to follow. (You know, SM?)

Janna and I just had a conversation not too long ago about how lucky we are to fit into someone else’s circle/life, and it’s so true. I have very few good, close friends and that used to kind of bother me; but really, the friends that I do have are high quality and low drama. So I’m OK with not having a veritable Rolodex of casual contacts, if we’re being honest here. The people who make time for me are the real ones.

All you need is one loyal friend. One supportive family member. One sympathetic Internet friend. One kind co-worker.

To feel special.

And I really hope that everyone reading this has that one person. Life is hard enough. <3

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  1. I miss you!
    Especially with haunted house season starting!! No one comes close to making them like the Pittsburgh area and I have this plan in my head that I will come visit you during this time of the year, some day. If I ever finish school!❤️

    • I miss you too, Laura! Especially this time of year, and I also miss going to see horror movies with you! I hope your classes aren’t kicking your ass too hard and that you get some good October moments in this year!! xoxoxox

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