Apr 282010

I fell apart in your arms

for the last time

And I felt free to do what I want

Because of the things you told me

One of my favorite bands for the last 5 years now. Their new album came out a week ago and I can’t stop listening to it! Henry absolutely hates them, but I think I don’t think it has anything to do with the music. The first time we saw them was at the Grog Shop in Cleveland, July of 2005. This was actually the last show I went to before I got pregnant.  Anyway, we were standing outside near the doors after the show, because I wanted to (not) talk to Anthony Green (the singer). While we were waiting, some of the guys from the opening band, Emmanual, were coming out of the doors, hauling equipment in their wake. Henry held the door open for them, and one of the dudes said, “Thank you, sir.”


Not “thanks, man” or “appreciate it, holmes” or “good job, brosef.”


I’m pretty sure that was the precise moment Henry started to feel old, in spite of the bandanna he used to wear to keep him “edgy.” (No seriously, he wore it because I liked his hair long but didn’t like it when he put it in a ponytail because it made him look mean and harsh with a big face, like that bastard from Kindergarten Cop who was trying to steal back his son and yes, I realize that’s the second time in a month I referenced that Z-list actor, what the hell.)

Anyway, Henry has been projecting the hate he felt at that moment onto Circa Survive ever since, even though it wasn’t even any of them who called him sir! I’ve gotten him to see them once since then, in 2008, but now I’m asking him to go with me to Philly at the end of May to see them and he is REALLY dragging his feet. I have a job now! We can maybe not eat for a week and afford to go! Tell him to take me, you guys! I have to see them; it’s part of my religion.

“And what will we do with Chooch?” he keeps asking me smugly.

Who wants to have a sleepover with Chooch at the end of May? One night only! Will pay in porn and shitty art!

Say it don't spray it.

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