May 062010

Do you know how often I hear, “Oh my god, Chooch looks JUST LIKE HENRY?” Too often. Too fucking often. In my Chooch Nostalgia research, I found this old comparison exhibit I made, because apparently when he was a year old, everyone thought he looked JUST LIKE HENRY, too. Maybe he looks like Henry when he’s blankly staring at shitty television programming or cupping his jock like all little boys (and men) do, but everything else is all Erin, OK? EVERY THING ELSE, right down to the attitude.

I like that at my new job, they have no one to compare Chooch to but ME because fuck if I have any photos of Henry on my desk. Henry has a photo of his nieces and nephews at his desk. His nieces and nephews. But not one picture of me. So I let people continuously ask, “Which one is your boyfriend?” when they see the picture of Chooch with Chiodos.

“All the way to the right, guys,” I answer every time.

  6 Responses to “Chooch Nostalgia!: Mini Erin Edition”

  1. I still have the first picture hanging on my fridge. He was (and still is!) too stinking cute. Potty mouth and all!

    • Aw! I told him you still have his picture and he got all flustered, lol.

      We think Harland is too stinking cute, as well!

      • Per your instructions to keep them forever, I still have his baptism invite somewhere too!

        Were very excited to get to see you guys on Saturday! I wrapped all 8 (theyre all fairly small and all go together) of Chooch’s presents the other night, and its fairly obvious which ones Harland “helped” me on. Apparently the wrapping paper looked too delicious to resisit!

  2. all kids look like their fathers the first leg of the first year of their life. it’s mother nature’s paternity test.


    • I disagree. I honestly didn’t think Chooch looked a bit like Henry when he was a baby, and surprisingly either did Henry’s family. But — we all know I’m a whore.

      I know it’s supposed to be a team effort thing, but really – what did Henry have to do while I was pregnant? Not a goddamn thing! So it was offensive (for me, being the type of person I am) to have to hear “He looks like Henry!” so often when I DID ALL THE WORK!

  3. I was just looking at the baby pictures of Chooch I have in my wallet the other day and found that one. It so makes me laugh. I wonder what he would’ve said if he had been talking at the time. I had the one you took of him with the Cure t-shirt and headphones on top of them all (that day we took him to the Mattress Factory). But yeah, his personality so much like you. =)

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