Nov 18

Whirls & Whorls of Whords on Whednesday

Feeling the need to shoot some bullets up in this piece today.

  • Like pretty much everyone else in the world, I have been super antsy and bored these last several months. You know it’s bad when nothing in your YouTube feed interests you anymore, so I cried uncle and queued up the ol’ Netflix, with which I have such a bad rapport.
    • Here are all of the shows I have tried to watch over the last month or so on Netflix and then gave up after 1 or 2 episodes:
      • Evil (what a fucking hokey snoozefest)
      • Sweet Magnolias (like Gilmore Girls with less witty banter/more predictable drama)
      • Virgin River (I really like the main lady and then my mind was blown when I realized the main dude is the guys from the Ring and Britney’s Toxic video, and I might actually try this one again at some point because I didn’t hate it but I was bored)
      • Northern Rescue (somehow I let this play through three episodes before realizing I wasn’t watching it anymore)
      • Dawson’s Creek (You know it’s bad when there are 27340927304 streaming services and you can’t find anything to watch so you decide to revisit Dawson’s Creek and can only manage to make it to the second episode before having second-embarrassment for your younger self that actually thought this was a good show. Does not hold up.)
    • Here are all of the (non-Korean) shows that actually hooked me and I would recommend to everyone, also on netflix:
      • The Unicorn (sometimes you need a feel-good American sitcom, and also a show with 25 minute episodes)
      • Dash + Lily (Um, this was fucking everything I needed and I cried a lot and also adored every single person on this show)
      • In the Dark (OMG does the CW actually have good shows on it again that aren’t just about super heroes or supernatural shit?? I haven’t finished the first season yet but I am obsessed with every single character and have laughed and cried. Also, the guide dog’s name is Pretzel. We love a good dog name.)
      • The Queen’s Gambit (I don’t know SHIT about chess but this show was fucking amazing and I am now considering learning Russian – because Korean is going so well lol.)
  • Speaking of Korean, I was reading “Shine” by Jessica Jung, former lead vocalist of arguably the most iconic Kpop girl group, Girl’s Generation, and I laughed because “noonchi ubssuh” was used in this after I just wrote about it on here last week! I’m used to seeing it Romanized a different way though which is the frustrating thing about when Korean words are written out using the English alphabet – there are so many variations when there is only one way  to spell it in Korean using the Hangul alphabet. But yeah, to review last week’s lesson, “noonchi” means like…to be self-aware, to be considerate of others, etc. And “ubssuh” means “to not have it.” So, they’re saying that the person is basically rude, clueless. I read that the literal translation is to gauge a person’s emotion by looking into their eyes, so basically to be socially aware, I guess. noon – eyes. chi – emotion.

  • UNPOPULAR OPNION: I don’t like Lizzo. I’m sorry.
  • The other night, I had a dream that I was standing outside of my Pappap’s house when a white pick-up truck came barreling down the street, made a hard turn into my Pappap’s front yard and plowed through the side of the upper garage, then drove off. I ran into the street screaming, trying to see their license plate, when I noticed that there was a woman walking down the street and the truck slowed down to say something to her. I asked her what they said and she was like, “he just said for me not to tell you who he is.” Then later, I was at Felix-from-“In the Dark”‘s apartment and the white pick-up truck was trying to kick down the door (which was just a flimsy piece of plywood) because he was trying to kill me and that’s when I saw that it was my birth dad who died right before my third birthday but was actually SURPRISE alive and my mom kept it a secret all these years which, if you know my mom, is actually something that could happen in my non-dream, awake life. So that was concerning.
    • Also I don’t think I have ever dreamt of my birth dad before and I rarely even think about him, so this was nice.
  • I feel like such an old hag but I hate the new Instagram and Twitter updates. I’m so tired of “Stories” taking over social media. If I don’t want your stories on Instagram, I’m surely not going to watch them on Twitter. Also, I thought “Fleets” was such a dumb name for them but then it finally clicked this morning why it’s called that and, well done Twitter, but it’s still stupid!! And now every time I try to post something on IG, it brings up Reels instead because I keep forgetting they moved all of THE IMPORTANT features. God I hate change. I miss the days when IG was new and no one I knew used it so all of my friends were random people who I added simply because I liked the photos  they were taking. YOU KNOW BECAUSE IT’S A PHOTO APP. Now it’s just a meme junkyard because all of the Facebook people infiltrated.

  • Last night, Chooch dramatically declared that it was “face mask and The Unicorn” time, and to “don’t disturb him.” Of course, I hid behind my bedroom door while he was applying th eface mask in the bathroom, because I had a clear shot of his bedroom from  the crack in the door and wanted to take a clandestine photo, but then he came out of the bathroom and immediately shut his door when he went into his room! So I blew my own cover and ambushed him with my phone. He wasn’t very pleased, but I’m the leader of this household and do what I want. ( just think it’s funny that he pulls his hair up into a unicorn horn-esque ponytail which is apropos here since he was watching The Unicorn (he kept craning his neck from the dining room while I was watching it a few weeks ago and then decided to just watch it on his own because he tries so HARD TO BE LIKE HIS MOMMY.)
  • It’s been a week and a half and I’m still done laughing at Four Seasons Total Landscaping. I keep meaning to buy a commemorative shirt.
  • Chooch has Civics now that he’s in 9th grade and he was worried in the beginning that he was going to hate it but turns out, he really enjoys it a lot and we talk about politics all the time now on our nightly strolls and if you had told me even as little as 5 years ago that one day I’d be having animated political discourse with my son for fun, I’d be like, “LOL fuck a politic amirite.” If there is one thing to credit Trump for, it’s that his complete fuckery made me actually care about shit, I guess.

  • Chooch and I went to the library yesterday to pick up books we had ordered. Usually, I still call ahead and do the curbside pick-up but honestly, there is typically no one else inside the library so we feel relatively OK going inside with our masks. On the way to the check-out counter, there is a “grab-and-go” table with paper bags filled with books, in case you’re trying to spice up your reading life with some mystery books and by mystery I mean literally that you don’t know what books are inside. They do have labels though so you at least know the genre, and Chooch of course honed right in on a bag of holiday cookie books. I started to shake my head no because what the fuck do I want that for, but one of the librarians said to him, “Go ahead, you take that if you’d like” and he smirked at me. At least he had them use his own damn library card for them though, and then on the way home, I was like “You know, if you’re going to make cookies, maybe you can make some boxes and give them away as Christmas gifts.” So then of course I actually made myself excited for that because I like buying cute boxes and shit and Chooch happily started to make a list of cookies he chose from the books and then we made a list of recipients. But then I was like, “Shit, is this safe?” so I had to google “Can you give people homemade cookies during the pandemic” (2020 is the year of bizarre google searches, isn’t it?) and apparently it’s fine as long as we’re not blowing dandelions at people when we hand them over (we plan on just dropping them off on porches and mailing when needed, so I think it should be fine?). And trust me, we’re all manic hand-washers here at the Palace Pioneer and our kitchen is like a sanitary station because I’m obsessed with it being clean ever since we redesigned it, so you can eat our cookies with confidence.
  • When Henry and I were at Lowe’s on Saturday, a 90s-ish song came on the radio and I was like “Shit I haven’t heard this song since….probably whatever year it came out” but I couldn’t think right away who it was and I almost NEVER have cell service in Lowe’s so my Shazam wouldn’t work and Henry can NEVER fucking hear the overhead music in stores ISTFG, so I had to wait until we got outside before I could google the lyrics. “Oh wow,” I said. “It was Filter, and I never would have guessed that. I kept wanting to say it was… know….” but I couldn’t think of the fucking band’s name! “You know, the singer is Perry….shit what’s his last name….you know, he created Lollapalooza.” Henry shrugged. “Side project was Porno For Pyros? DAVE NAVARRO!??!!?” Sill Henry was like, “Shit I know who you mean but I can’t think of the name either!” and by now I was tonguing tears of frustration off my cheeks. “And I was supposed to see them at Mellon Arena that one time with Wonka? We had pit tickets, but I had a migraine and couldn’t go and gave my ticket to that kid I met in line for the Cold show!?” Henry was just like, “THAT DOES NOT HELP ME” because I don’t think Henry and I were dating yet lol. Anyway, he finally remembered it hours later and he gave me clues until I finally shrieked JANE’S ADDICTION and Chooch was like, “WTF is happening never mind I don’t care.”
    • So the whole reason I’m telling you this boring ass story about two old people trying to remember an old band is because yesterday in the book I was reading JANE’S ADDICTION was referenced and I fucking swear this happens to me so often, that it actually scares me! Fucking synchronicity.
    • Oh, the song was “Take a Picture” by Filter, but I only really ever liked their older song “Nice Shot” because it reminded me so much of hanging out with Lisa in high school. We were the perfect of example of opposite’s attract because where she was super into alternative and metal, I was a little yo-girl constantly trying to slip my Bone Thugs n Harmony tapes into the cassette player of her Jeep. ANYHOO, she really liked Filter and before we would leave her house for whatever daily idiotic adventure we were about to finds ourselves embroiled in, she would ask me which shirt she should wear and I’d always pick Filter but then she started making me choose between just two shirts so that I wasn’t making her wear the same shirt every time.
  • Chooch and I went for a walk on my lunch break and I tried to tell him the Jane’s Addiction saga and he was like, “mmhmm cool wow” and I was so mad that he didn’t find it interesting but then we both saw an albino squirrel and….what was I talking about again?

And I’ll leave you with a classic Girl’s Generation video:

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