Jun 062010

Today is Henry’s FORTY-FIFTH birthday! GOOD FUCKING LORD. We’re attempting to have a cook-out for him later today at my mom’s (or, if the rain refuses to cease, a cook-IN. OMG the sun came out as I typed that!

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) but other than that, I didn’t get him SHIT for his birthday. I would have made him something awesome, but since he made me GET A JOB, I don’t have time for that romantic homemade bullshit anymore.

So, in his honor, I’m posting the pictures from the calendar I made out of pure unadulterated love back in 2007. I don’t have a copy of the calendar in front of me, but there were awesome Henry-tastic holidays strewn throughout, like “Give Your Boss a Reach-Around Day.” Maybe one of the three people who own a copy can help me out here!

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(We all endearingly called him Hoover back in the LiveJournal days, because he sucks the fun out of everything. So now you know.)

12 Months of Hoover



(I don’t know what I was thinking with this font choice.)


(Henry smiled a lot more back then, it seems.)


(My personal fave.)


(May is a good time for a romantic picnic with Hot Naybor Chris!)


(June is Gay Pride Month!)


(Henry is a good griller! You should hire him for all your COOKOUTS.)


(So, this was his old boss Ted who may or may not have found out that I created a faux love story between him and Henry in my fake Henry LiveJournal.)


(No wait! Maybe this one is my favorite because Henry looks so bitchin’.)


(Henry’s wearing his fruity Playstation headset in the witch picture. He went through a long phase where those were ALWAYS on his head. Fucking Socom.)


(OMG all of Henry’s favorite people!)


I taught myself Photoshop just so I could make this calendar for him. It was even a prize at my baby shower! (Kara won it for giving me the best present ever – a baby-sized Cure t-shirt!

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Happy birthday, Henry. We’ll all watch porn in your honor.

  19 Responses to “More Henry Than You Ever Wanted”

  1. Your relationship is so endearing! I’ve always enjoyed, (while laughing my ass off reading your posts) even green envy at times, all of the romance you two share! Happy Birthday Henry! Thanks for all you do for Erin!

  2. ah, true romance.
    another idea: make a christina chronicles calendar in this exact style, but with pictures of christina instead of henry, and with tidbits of choice quotes from the chronicles. (I am addicted and check every day for a new CC installment. you are the charles dickens of 2010.)

    and truly huge happy birthday greets to henry from me, an internet stranger who looooooves the world of erin and henry and chooch and assorted bizarro awesomeness.

  3. Happy birthday, Henry! These photos are truly awesome. I totally agree about tbe christona calender. Maybe you could make it part of your prize package for blogathon?
    In the meantime, thank Henry for me for everything he does for you and make him dinner or something for gods sake.

    • Thank you for wishing the old man a happy birthday, it made him smile!

      I didn’t cook him dinner, BUT! I made a mixed CD for his cookout and I put FOREIGNER on it.

  4. Happy Birthday, Henry! Hope it’s fun and/or relaxing!

    March is my favorite month. Henry looks good as a leprechaun!

    (I definitely can’t find him in the high school photo, either.)

    • Thanks for the birthday wishes! It made him smile:)

      In the March one, I think the original photo is of him eating a Moon Pie or some other processed “dessert” bought at a convenient store. It was during our first ever Christmas cemetery picnic!

      (He’s in the first row of standing people, about the fourth one in from the left, wearing tinted glasses and an Adidas shirt, lol.)

  5. Happy birthday Henry!!
    He’s such a good sport. And let him know….we’re not laughing AT him…we’re laughing WITH him!!!

    ~continues searching the ‘where’s henry’ pic~

  6. I was extreeeeemly hungover yesterday or I would have posted a Happy Birthday Henry!!!!!! sooner.
    btw, is Henry the one fist pumping the air in the pic? If so he looks pretty Rad.

  7. Henry’s one of our favorite people, wee hope he had a happy birthday and felt at least a little appreciated. Just remind him that you people don’t bother poking fun if they don’t care, so all the joking is truly a mad love affair. You two are adorable, I love you togehter.

  8. I always liked that Easter picture because it was from when he was cleaning the fridge. I loved this calendar so much, and hope there will be a future edition! If I had it in front of me I would finish your list of kickass holidays.

    • That’s my favorite too, because it fits so perfectly with the murderous Easter bunny!

      I would like to make a new one, for sure. It was easier to do this shit when I didn’t have a child breaking shit behind me, lol.

  9. HA! I still have my copy of the calendar. Despite it being the totally wrong year, I think it needs to be put back up again!

  10. I skipped past the intro and right to the comments and missed your request for help on the special holidays. Like January 17th being annual Play SOCOM Day or April 30th being Join the Service and Get Ripped Off By a Thai Prostitute day. My new favorite holiday of course being July 15th Cut a Hole In a Watermelon and Poop In It Day.

    • YES the watermelon one!! Oh I forgot about that and am now currently laughing in that creepy/giddy way I do in this deathly quiet law office and everyone is probably questioning my employment.

      Thanks for telling me!

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