Jul 072010

Hello oh my god I’m at Warped Tour!

Taking a quick break under a tree because it’s nearly 100 degrees today but so worth it!

We were still in the parking lot, still in the CAR even, and I had already started crying pure tears of happiness.

Dillinger Escape Plan before noon is a pretty good indication that the day is going to be fucking balls out ridiculous.

This is the best day of the year.

Henry is miserable and jaded.

MORE LATER OMG! Pierce the Veil soon, shut up!

  4 Responses to “I Am Here, Yo”

  1. Have fun! (even in 100 Degree heat!)

  2. Looks like a bitchin’ good time. :D Try not to have a heat stroke amidst the eargasms!

    • Bitchin’ good time is a really great way to put it! We made it through the day unscathed, though Henry has a REALLY stupid tan line on his forehead because he insists on wearing bandannas, lol.

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