Mar 272022

Guess what? My blog is fixed! I can upload photos once again. So here are the ones I was originally basing my dumbo Friday Five around.

First, let’s talk about how I suddenly LOVE the fact that Chooch bought a 3D printer! He has been making things and leaving them for me to find and I want to say that it’s the cutest thing ever BUT there is a dark, truth-y side to this which is that he is just desperate to practice printing things right now and likely couldn’t think of anything he wanted to print for himself…



And also assisting with enabling my Kpop obsession, we have this NCT lightstick necklace made by the coolest pin maker / artist I know, The Idol Collective! She originally posted these as earrings and perhaps a little known fact about moi is that I don’t have my ears pierced anymore so I frantically asked her if she was also going to make necklaces AND SHE CAME THRU FOR UR GIRL.

Being fanatical about things is what keeps the heart young…

…until you join Scientology….

In more kpop trinket news, my friend Alyson’s birthday was last week so I made her an original bday card with laughing toilets on the front and designed this adorable Taemin pin. I love that Alyson has also become a Taemin stan, even though she is totally METAL – it just shows that there is even room in even the most hardcore of hearts for Lee Taemin! It’s been fun to share my Taemin love with her over the last several years <3

Finished Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution on Friday for the 4th or 5th time! I REALLY love this workout program and try to knock it out about twice a year. It has been one of the only programs that has been effective for me as far as toning and definition. I know Jillian is very “love her or hate her” for most people but I genuinely love her so much because she has been the only trainer that has kept me motivated and helped me change my life. If I ever saw her IRL, I would 100% cry my face off.

So yeah – Body Revolution. Highly recommend it!!

Oh, what’s up BACK PORCH SEASON? It was real fun while it lasted. Now it’s about 20 degrees (Fahrenheit, because this is dumb-dumb America) and snowing at the end of March. Sigh.

Well, that concludes my Sunday quickie. Now I must go back to obsessively YouTubing “vegan restaurants in [city]” videos to prepare for our road trip WHICH BETTER NOT CHANGE AGAIN OMFG.

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